The Nuts and Bolts of Faith

You remember the monumental moments of your faith.

When you take the first step of faith and your foundation is laid in Christ, it’s memorable.  Days, months, even years later when crucial decisions arise and you find that you indeed want to live with Him as your cornerstone, it’s big.

There are moments of obvious growth and transformation as piece by piece you’re built, a temple to glorify God.

The moment when you gave up on a certain sin and it stuck. That time when the Lord provided something extraordinarily spectacular.

But in the building of your faith to His glory, there is more than just the big, memorable, and obvious. There are also the nuts, bolts, screws, and drops of glue. Little victories -these are what hold all of the major framework in place.

Read more about the nuts and bolts of a faith being built. Click here to join me over at Recharge Wednesday.

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