The Aim

Though outside of time and beyond our full understanding, God is alive and active today. He’s doing something- many somethings, actually. God invites us into relationship and into His glorious work.

First, through salvation. Second, through sanctification.

First, by loving Him. Second, by loving others.

First, by trusting. Second, by obeying.

First, hearing His Word. Second, doing it.

First, He calls. Second, He leads.

First, He is. Second, we get to be.

First, and second. This, then that. Step by step. God’s will and way.

We wander, lost, and make a mess when we try to understand it on our own and live outside of it.

Through these scribblings, I hope you’ll delight in finding afresh that by “one offering Jesus forever made perfect those who are being made holy.” That’s you and me. Made and being made.

The race of faith isn’t run in a day. The choice to follow isn’t one and done. We can’t nearer to God without first moving. We don’t abide in Him without choosing to stay close.

There are many first and seconds, step by steps, day by days in our walk with Christ.

First and Second’s aim is to help believers stay the course we’re guaranteed to complete. The Lord has gone before us and prepared the way. We know we’ll be with Him forever. My prayer is that we’ll also learn to love and live with Him each day, each step of the way.