If You Love to Read or Write…

For Those who love to read or write...

I’m not a spotlight person. My happy place is the softly lit corner with a book and a friend to share it with. Or the light of my laptop as words pour out…

Award for those who write that also directs those who love to read to fellow faith bloggersSo, I’m thankful, bashful, and humbled to share that I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by a sweet woman whose writing often builds me up in the Lord.

Kelly Baker, thanks for the nomination! Congrats on your nomination, too. You can read her words of wisdom on her blog (click here.)

Thankful for the Liebster award nomination

I’m equally honored and grateful to be nominated for the Liebster award by another woman who points to Christ. This is a “virtual award given by bloggers to bloggers to showcase amazing work and encourage one another.”

Becky Hastings, thank you for nominating me! I’m so glad you were nominated, too. Read Becky’s stories and insights on her blog (click here.)

Blogger Recognition Award Rules



Liebster Blogger Award Rules


These awards are a fun way for bloggers and readers to make new connections and participate in the digital Christian writing community.








Feel free to skip to whatever interests and will encourage you most!

How this Blog Started

Basically, this blog began as one trite cliche after another. It was a happy accident. I write because I don’t know how not to. The man (me) planned and God laughed. So I still write because I don’t know how not to.

And then somewhere along the way writing this blog became an opportunity. Through it, I learn to lean on the Lord, obey Him with my abilities, and share about Him with those who need reminding at every step (me too) and those don’t know Him yet.

Advice for Bloggers

1. Don’t be hard on yourself about crafting pretty words, using pristine grammar, or following best practices. Do be hard on yourself regarding motivations. If you’re writing for God’s glory, then your sharing, commenting, replying to comments, etc., all also need to be to His glory. (1 Tim 1:5)

2. Check your expectations for return on investment. Few people make a financial living on blogging. But there are other forms of investment (treasure in heaven, anyone?) Invest in people. Invest with what God values: truth, love, diligence, kindness. Expect the return to be getting to participate in His Work. That puts a different, but eternally satisfying kind of food on the table. (John 4:34)

11 Fun Facts about Me

  1. I can use two highlighters in my hand at once
  2. My body holds a few pounds of metal plates and screws
  3. At 26, I haven’t mastered snapping my fingers
  4. I had 2 opportunities to work in Africa but haven’t been yet
  5. People ask me to speak louder at least once in most conversations
  6. Some people struggle to make eye contact, I awkwardly make too much
  7. You’ll rarely find me reading fiction
  8. Typically, I read 10-14 books at a time
  9. I received Christ as my Savior years after I began calling myself a Christian
  10. I avidly take and organize notes about conversations, media, thoughts, etc.
  11. Being a grandmother has sounded like the most fun thing ever to me since I was a kid

Answers to 11 Liebster Questions

  1. What is the most beautiful place you’ve visited?

Seattle’s surrounding area!

  1. What’s your favorite flower?


  1. What’s your favorite movie quote?

“Keep the change ya filthy animal.” Do you know the film? Hint: think Christmas.

  1. Describe your typical Friday night?

Playing video game golf or a board game with my husband while listening to sermons. We really are that cool (ha!)

  1. Favorite ice cream?

The kind that’s in between two cookies.

  1. It’s a beautiful day and you are reading a book outside. Are you sitting in the sun or shade?

Ideally legs in the sun, but book and eyes in the shade.

  1. What big dream do you hope to accomplish?

To create a home that makes people feel welcome and loved by my family and by God.

  1. How many states have you visited?

Touched the ground in 34.

  1. What’s one thing you would want said about you at your funeral?

That I actually will be bringing a lot with me into eternity (of people!)

  1. What was the last thing that made you laugh, really laugh?

My husband putting corn cobs in the seat of his pants to amuse myself, my brother-in-law, and my future-sister-in-law.

  1. How do you find God’s presence in your day?

By getting into His Word apart from formal study.

My Blog Nominations (AKA Check These Out)

The links below go directly to some of my favorite posts by fellow bloggers. Below the link, I’ve concisely stated what I observe and value about their blog.

These writers regularly encourage and challenge me with their words. Many of them have become friends. I hope you’ll find a blog and friend that resonates with you and draws you back again and again.

Kate Redmon: A Softer Shade of Red

Frank, snarky, storytelling with clear faith application.

Lesley Ryden: Words The Matter

Beautiful peeks into life and faith with humor sprinkled in.

Theresa Boedeker: Unwrapping Life with Words

Masterful storytelling that illustrates insight on living faithfully.

Tiffany Elder: Digging Deep

Biblical truth that convicts and encourages in simple language.

Pam Crement: A New Lens

Seasoned perspective and commentary on culture and faith.

Lance Price: Sharing Jesus With the World

Philosophical and in-depth analysis of practical faith and evangelism.

Lois Flowers: Waxing Gibbous

Warm, disarming reflections on God and life.

Lesley: Life in the Spacious Place

Openhanded, Bible-based encouragement.

Christine Duncan: Your Struggle, His Instrument

Personable, real-life redirection to God in all hardship.

Sarah Koontz: Exploring the Beauty of God’s Design

Bible study that gets to the heart of the matter.

Micah Maddox: Finding Purpose, Peace, and Calmness in a Chaotic World

Straightforward, helpful insight into living faithfully.

Becky Hastings: My Ink Dance

Blunt questions, honest answers, all pointing to God.

Michele Morin: Living Our Days

Whimsy and wisdom woven into beautiful, memorable words.

Betsy DeCruz: Faith Spilling Over

Concise, down-to-earth advice on faith-filled living.

Patricia Holbrook: Soaring With Him

Humble truth-telling that often includes a memorable story.

Congratulations, friends!

Feel free to share and participate in these blogging community awards! If you choose to participate in the Liebster award sharing, answer the same 11 questions I did above- I can’t think of better ones!!

Thank you to all who read and share words here with me! If I can serve you better in some way, contact me here. I count this space a joy, and it’s a gift to get to share it with you.

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25 Replies to “If You Love to Read or Write…

    1. Your words have a way of sticking with me, Kate! : ) Thankful for you! I hope you make some great connections through this list!

  1. Video golf! Our neighbor just gave us a Wii they weren’t using and we are having fun with this one! Loved reading these things about you, friend. We have a few things in common!

    1. Ooo, our video game golf is with a typical controller! But I’ve played the Wii version previously and enjoy that too : ) I enjoyed your list too— I promise I didn’t steal your “reading sun/shade” answer— I’d already typed mine up and laughed when I read yours!!

  2. I have huge respect for your answer about ice cream. Such a woman of discernment.
    And it’s unbelievably humbling to read my name in a list with so many women I’ve admired and respected in this wonderful blogging community.
    Thanks, Bethany, for the gift of your friendship.

    1. Haha, Michele! Glad for a kindred ice cream sandwich friend! : ) I was humbled to find mine in a similar list. Such a joy to be in fellowship with so many in this community! Thankful for your friendship too!

  3. Thank you for including me here and considering God’s leading in my writing! I am very honored to be in the company of so many fine writers here. Love the answers to your questions and agree with Michele about your response on ice cream!! Of course!!

    1. Yay ice cream sandwiches!! : ) So thankful for your words and company, Pam, I was glad to have you on this list too!

    1. Thanks, Brenda! Keeping it to 14 was tough! Glad you enjoyed the answers, it’s fun to get to know one another on here!

  4. Thanks so much for including me here, Bethany! I love several of these blogs too. It was interesting to get to know you more too, and I got the movie quote straight away- definitely one of my favourite Christmas films. I’d love to take part and nominate some others but I’ll wait until November when I’ve finished my Write 31 Days series and do it then.

    1. So happy to share your words, Lesley! Haha- I even have a sweater with that quote!! I’ll look forward to your answers and nominations in November : )

  5. Thank you, thank you my friend! So funny we were thinking of one another! I love your blogging advice. It was exactly what I needed. You’ve been doing that a lot lately 😉 So grateful for you!

  6. Girl, I’m so please to be nominated! You’re such an encouragement to me, even when I don’t always tell ya 😉 I can’t wait to share this with others and nominate some blogs back! Have a great week, hun!!! xo

    1. You always tell me : ) Thankful to be able to share your words, too, Christine! Looking forward to your nominations/answers! Hope your week has been great, too!

  7. First, Congratulations on your blogging awards! I loved the little glimpse you gave of who you are. Can’t imagine reading so many books at once. And, I’ve never mastered whistling!

    1. Thank you, Crystal!! Yay for a fellow non-whistler!! I can’t imagine having the concentration to read just one, haha.

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