Remember When You First Heard about Jesus?

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Do you remember when you first heard about Jesus? Or God? Or church?

I mean the first, first time. When the words were brand new and meant nothing yet to you.

Most of us don’t remember that “first” precisely. These are words and concepts that may have been whispered over you in the womb or that described something other people in town seemed to do. But you “just knew” them.

Imagine if you didn’t.

Randy Dockens is a storyteller. His first novel, T-H-B, features our world- but in 2089. Religion has been vanquished. No one knows enough to know about God, Jesus, Church, the Bible.

When Luke first heard

Guiding readers through this world is relatable and lovable Luke, an astrophysicist. He and his love interest, Sarah, stumble into a conspiracy with a group of friends. The group dynamic blends humorous dialogue with memorable personalities.

Although fiction isn’t my preference, this novel had me intrigued from the beginning. The characters have stuck with me as well.

The mystery of why and how society is without any knowledge of God serves as a gripping background to the more central conspiracy: what T-H-B stands for and why people who look into are arrested and drugged. The many twist and turns in the mystery are unexpected.

This novel is the first of a trilogy unfolding a futuristic mystery that ultimately leads to God. Dockens offers a fresh, unique perspective on faith as readers are immersed in a world without religion. Thought-provoking and suspenseful, the short length of the chapters and straightforward storytelling make the novel easy to read as well.

More about Luke from THB

I recommend this book especially to teens and young adults who enjoy fiction. It has a slight sci-fi bent, but is mainly a one-of-a-kind take on futuristic suspense.

The novel is ultimately written to point to God, but parents and readers should take note: the society portrayed is religion-less and has developed out of present patterns. A minor character is homosexual. The main character refers to “cleavage” a couple of times in describing a woman’s dress. Sex is not mentioned nor is immorality encouraged.

If you or someone you know likes engaging, imaginative mysteries, check out T-H-B by Randy Dockens. You can get more information here.  

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