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King Josiah was just about my age when a secretary told him “they found a book” in the temple. Hearing it read, he tore his clothes. Soon, all the people in the land heard the words of the book. They sought God, and reformed their practices. Hundreds of years of idolatrous landmarks and openly sinful practices ceased.

It only lasted for a generation- but the reform was astounding.

When I think about this story, I want to be as receptive to God’s Word as Josiah was. I want the hearing of God’s Word to change me. Click To Tweet.

In Christ’s Call to Reform the Church, John MacArthur highlights what God’s Word says about Christ’s desire to change the body of Christ to His glory. As is characteristic of most of MacArthur’s writing and teaching, this book is soundly Biblical, direct, and convicting.

Early in the book, MacArthur writes about what comes at the start of true reform: repentance. Next, he showcases Christ’s work in His church as described in the Bible. Seven chapters about the seven churches addressed in Revelation follow. Finally, MacArthur wraps up a call for a new reformation.

Each of the chapters on the seven churches addressed in Revelation includes:

• History and context of the church
• Insight into what was going on that Christ addressed- whether as praise or correction
• Application for churches and believers today who fall into the same patterns

Quote from John MacArthur's book Christ's Call to Reform the Church

Quotes from Christ’s Call to Reform the Church include:

• “You won’t have time to indulge your selfish desires if you’re submitting every aspect of your life to the praise and honor of the Lord.”
• “Our love for the Lord is the truest measure of our commitment to Him.”
• “There is a fullness of grace even in God’s judgment, and rich mercy in His call to repent.”
• “Worldliness does not make the gospel look attractive; it makes it look impotent.”

This book is an excellent exposition of Revelation in understandable language, with plenty of practical application. I believe Christ’s Call to Reform the Church is worth reading –and the topics worth considering in prayer- for pastors, church leaders, and believers.

We make up the body of Christ, by His grace. May we wake up to His call and correction by His grace, too.

 <I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.>

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10 Replies to “Conviction about Christ’s Call

  1. John MacAurthur’s teachings never fail to disappoint me! This looks like a fantastic book to put on the reading list! Thanks for the highlights!

    1. Same, Stacey! This one was more succinct than many of his as well. Hope you’re convicted and encouraged, too!

  2. This book sounds like something we need to be practicing, as we are to be reforming ourselves. I Iike when Revelation is made understandable. I remember when my daughter was maybe in 5th grade. She heard that Revelation was the hardest book to understand. She then announced she was going to read it and let us know what it was really saying. She came back and said it was a hard book.

    1. It definitely is something we need to be practicing too. Your daughter sounds precious- and it sounds like did gain an understanding of sorts!

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