A Helpful Key to Understanding the Bible in 30 Days

Book review of 30 Days to Understanding the Bible

Sitting in the front row, as per usual, I diligently took notes. The class was Biblical Literature. I was a freshmen unaccustomed to college level studies- and had spent the previous years of schooling being one to raise my hand often.

Hand-raising on impulse was a hard habit to break, but my lack of Biblical knowledge was a good teacher.

One day, the professor asked a question about Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.

My hand shot up, probably trembling with excitement that I actually knew an answer.

Praise the Lord, he didn’t call on me! I was dead wrong. Plus, I realized the cartoon movie The Prince of Egypt wasn’t a literal translation…because that’s where I’d learned most about Exodus.

Looking back today, I still think Biblical Literature was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. It seemed like most everyone else in the class knew more than I did, and my questions during study sessions were often perceived as jokes.

How I wish I’d had Max Ander’s 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.

A blend of a workbook and an introductory guide, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible is a uniquely helpful tool for learning about the Bible. Anders keeps lessons short and simple so that basic facts can be thoroughly grasped.

The style of the book involves:

  • Brief, engaging introductions to each chapter
  • Review of what’s been learned so far, integrated with what’s about to be learned
  • An outline with short paragraphs forming the new lesson
  • Self-tests that build on each other for a comprehensive understanding of Bible basics

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Differences between types of Bible books (ex: historical vs prophetic) and why it matters
  • A timeline of Bible history as well as where Biblical events occur on that timeline
  • 10 key elements of the Christian belief
  • Helpful and essential Biblical geography and important figures

Amidst all the practical information Anders relays, he also helps readers grasp why the lessons matter. For instance, he illustrates a main point running throughout the Kingdom Era in Israel’s history by explaining:

“There are certain freedoms we can have, but they have corresponding bondages.”

I believe this book would be helpful for those who:

  • Are unfamiliar with Scripture
  • Have only a vague and cultural knowledge of Scripture
  • Are familiar with some “user-friendly” books of the Bible but want to dig deeper
  • Know many Bible verses and concepts but aren’t sure how to read Scripture themselves

30 Days to Understanding the Bible may also serve as a helpful review for those who have read and studied the Bible extensively.


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15 Replies to “A Helpful Key to Understanding the Bible in 30 Days

  1. For many years I thought The Ten Commandments were accurate. Then I read the real story in the Bible and realized it was not at all accurate. This sounds like a wonderful book! God bless you!

    1. 10 Commandments is a great movie- but right?! It’s a great book! You’re entered into the drawing. : ) God bless you too!

  2. Sounds like a great book. I’d like to review it myself. If I think it worthwhile I have a couple of people I’d buy it for and give it to them.

  3. What a wonderful resource this is! I pray it blesses many lives as it leads to digging deeply into God’s living Word!!

  4. This sounds like such a great book to help make sense of a very complicated collection of books. The Bible isn’t as easy to understand as we sometimes make it out to be. I think about times that I also have been glad I wasn’t called on to give the answer because I was wrong. 🙂

    1. So very true, Lisa! In one sense, the Bible is so easy to understand (even for kids!) But in another sense, it’s so not! Glad I’m not the only one relieved to have not been called on. Thanks for your insight and encouragement!

  5. This looks like a really helpful book! 15 minutes a day is doable. I’m going to make a note of this. Going through it might be a great summer project! (Looks great for homeschooling parents of high school students too. I wish I’d known about it then!)

    1. It is, and the 15 minutes a day is doable. He does a great job of building lessons you’ll remember, too, which is great for review. And yes, I think it’d be super helpful for high school students. : )

  6. Bethany, this sounds like a great book for people just starting to dig into the Bible! I’m so glad you shared it. It sounds like it has a lot of great information. I think about the timelines and how many times I try to envision the history of Israel, when the prophets lined up on the historical time line . . . the kings . . . What a great tool for people who want to dig in and understand the Bible better. Thanks for sharing!

    Please don’t put m in the drawing this time. 🙂

    1. I think it is. And yes!! I’ve downloaded so many timelines to help me grasp who lines up with who, but his system was the easiest and most memorable I’ve found yet. Thanks for commenting (and sure thing!)

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