When It’s Not Over

“The end,” the story says. To successfully conclude the plot of a story, you must wrap up the loose ends. At the end of a person’s life, there is a service to conclude their time on earth.

When you get sick, one of the first questions you ask the doctor is “when will I will be better?”

After a tragedy occurs, there is a point in which restitution is expected, a point at which an “end” is reached: the check arrives, the new house is moved into, the perpetrator goes to jail.

This looking to an end shows it’s in our nature to desire closure.

We all want a happy ending. But this broken world has proven time after time that we might not get a happy ending- and we don’t like that!

Even as Christians, we tend to dismiss the idea of leaving loose ends, never receiving that apology or forgiveness, or accepting that some actions will never be made right.

In a way, that’s wrong. In another way, it’s very right…

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