Watch for the Bait and Switch

Pauls’ words in Romans 7:15 about struggling with sin nature echo in our ears: “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

What gets us to do what we hate? Why do we sin when we know sin stinks?

One reason: Sin stinks pretty at first. It looks shiny. And it has to. There’s a reason the serpent in the Garden of Eden tempted the first couple with an appealing apple instead of rotted Brussel sprouts.

Half of sin’s work is getting us hooked.

Much like a modern day bait and switch scheme, the Enemy’s tactic has always been to tempt us into trial by producing attractive counterfeits. The gloss of an apple appealed to the lust of the eyes, the first taste to the lust of flesh. Sin was dangled as bait on a hook made of pride, offering the allure of being like God.

Sin’s marketing plan still makes for picture perfect advertising in the Enemy’s hands today.

The resulting stomach ache and insatiable addiction that come from biting into sin’s bait still catches us by surprise, too.

You know the story.

First, something looks really appealing. Then, as we seize it, we find ourselves hooked, entangled, and eventually frustrated because what we thought we were getting isn’t at all what we’ve received. The costs are always rising. Demands are ever growing. Even if we reap rewards for our sin, we collect them in wreckage.

Thank the Lord- He has given us insight so we can resist, flee from, and refuse to take the bait before the switch leaves us in a tailspin!

Check out The 4 Signs You’re About to Take Sin’s Bait shared over at my sweet friend Heather Bock’s blog Glimpses of Jesus.


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10 Replies to “Watch for the Bait and Switch

  1. “If you can’t see real flaws, real risks, real truth in it, call it bait and don’t bite.” It is amazing that we still expect fully good things on this earth and don’t realize that until Heaven, nothing truly valuable will come without risk.

    1. It i amazing- but I find myself ever finding I think just that. Oh, expectations! Thank the Lord that someday there will be no risk and no deception!

  2. I have, unfortunately, been at the receiving end of the baiting process lately. Thank God, He kept me from biting! Such an important message you have shared today 🙂 Visiting from Jaime Wiebel’s Blog today.

  3. This is really good and spot on. Sin is enticing and shiny that when we get hooked we lose focus of the truth we become blinded by the entanglement of sin. So I am so thankful that Jesus can untangle me from sin. Your words were beautiful Bethany.

  4. A good reminder. Thanks.

    By the way, it wasn’t an apple in the garden of Eden. We don’t actually know exactly what kind it was, but I have a feeling that it isn’t something on earth today. 🙂

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