The Kindness of the Lord

When we say that God is the standard by which we know and measure goodness and righteousness, we admit that there is no definition completely suitable of these things. There is no set of words in any human language that can fully encompass the wholeness of a standard. We have nothing to correctly compare it to.

As a friend recently pointed out, “a cauliflower’s taste can’t be described in comparison to anything. It certainly doesn’t taste like chicken. It just tastes like cauliflower.”

That’s what those things which God is the standard of are like. His kindness is kindness in its purest, most whole form.

The word for the kindness of God in Scripture, transliterated “chréstotés” says as much in its definition. According to Biblos, “We have no term that quite carries this notion of kind and good.”

Ephesians 2:6-7 emphasizes:

“God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”

We the kindness of the Lord in His sending Christ to die for us and raising Him up again. His kindness is evident in redeeming us, raising up to be with Christ. As we know, grace is giving us what we don’t deserve.

Kindness is giving us what we don’t deserve richly and abundantly.

We aren’t just children He cares for. We are children He cares about. More than just redeemed, we are filled with His Spirit. The barrier isn’t just destroyed by Christ so that we have access if we need it. Instead, we are brought near. Drawn near.

God likes to have us near. He delights in blessing us. His kindness is not goodness out of obligation or goodness because more good is needed. His goodness is simply goodness.

In our corrupted nature, we cannot fathom this. Our closest comparisons fall short. The best we understanding we have is described in Matthew 7:11:

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

The kindest we can be does not compare to the kindness of Christ.

We often look at others and wish to give certain types of kindness. Closeness, not feeling alone, hope for the future, comfort. The Lord enables us to give these in a way, but not as thoroughly or intimately as He can. Time, emotions, circumstances, and thoughts do not shift at our Word as they do His. Thank the Lord that He is so kind in expressing His love for us in kindnesses like these.

And we see this in our lives, don’t we? When we ask Him and He gives so personally, so clearly. His good gifts are more than we could ever imagine: families, friends, relationships, scenery, moments, laughs….those things that help us to understand awe, wonder, and fulfilling intimacy. That wave of peace that has no explanation. The small mistake that upsets our day for the better.

Praising the Lord today for His kindness in all the good gifts- big and small that He gives. Thanking Him most for His kindness in delighting to have us near to Him.

How are you reveling in His kindness?

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0 Replies to “The Kindness of the Lord

  1. Wow! Beautiful explanation of the Lord’s kindness! We cannot compare it to anything else, because it is kindness in its purest form – awesome!

  2. Bethany, what a thought-provoking post! I see God’s kindness in so many ways. Recently, when I had my skiing accident, I see how it could have been so much worse. In His kindness, God allowed only my knee to be injured. He brought people to help me down the mountain. He continues to encourage me as I walk this part of my journey. His kindnesses truly are new every morning. 🙂

    I loved what you said here: “We aren’t just children He cares for. We are children He cares about. More than just redeemed, we are filled with His Spirit.” I LOVE that we are children He cares about, not just for.

    1. It’s a truth I cling to and want to tell everyone about, Jeanne! We matter to God. So grateful for his kindness to you, especially as you continue healing!! Praying for that leg!

  3. This sentence resonates with me too:
    “We aren’t just children He cares for. We are children He cares about.”
    The Lord is kind; we don’t dwell on that side of his character enough but it is SO compelling and draws us in. May we follow in his footsteps in being kind as well. Thanks for sharing this, Bethany.

  4. Yes, so much of what we take for granted every. single. day. is evidence of God’s kindness. When I teach kids about creation I love to point out the beauty in every detail –God could have made standard boiler-plate trees, but instead he made hundreds of different species!

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