(Non-Bible) Lessons I’ve Learned from Bible Study

If you spend time reading and studying Scripture, you will learn a lot… and not just about key themes or specific commands or the people featured on the pages. You’ll also learn about yourself and the people around you, how to study God’s Word better, and about God’s character.

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Things I’ve learned from writing about the Bible:

  • You can’t be overly familiar with Scripture
  • Little compares to the excitement of gaining more understanding of Jesus
  • God answers prayers for help understanding His Word
  • If you write about it, you’ll be challenged to live it
  • When you feel like you’re missing something, read passages on similar themes. God’s Word answers the questions raised by God’s Word
  • God created communication and language- words are a gift, His Words especially so

Things I’ve learned from participating in Bible studies with others:

  • You’re never too old or too young for God’s Word
  • Different perspectives highlight the rich depth of the Bible and many facets of God’s character
  • While not every question we have can be answered in a verse, God’s Word has the answers we seek if we’re willing to persist in humility and learning
  • Silence doesn’t mean people aren’t listening or don’t have something to say
  • We all ask the same basic questions in life
  • Praying for others is a blessing, especially when you know a little about their relationship with Jesus

Things I’ve learned from reading the Bible front to back:

  • Sometimes you have to keep reading for what you already read to make sense
  • Many difficult or lengthy passages are better understood when you read them starting with the last sentence and working backward
  • You don’t have to know the correct pronunciations of names and places to get the point
  • Highlighting, doodling, and note-taking help with memory and understanding
  • “Therefore” is always there for a reason, and the reason is worth rereading to figure out
  • God’s Word references itself, and paying attention to the context of each reference enriches understanding
  • You can find themes, follow stories, and get to know God without being an academic scholar
  • Prayer is deeper when you apply what you’re learning from God’s words to your requests, praise, and understanding as you pray
  • God has a lot to say, and even though He doesn’t talk about everything specifically, He talks about everything we need to know

I’d love to hear about lessons you’ve learned from studying God’s Word! Please share something you’ve learned recently in the comments.

Jen Wilkin’s book Women of the Word teaches basic Bible study practices. Crossway offers her tips in a short video you can use with a 5-day reading plan to practice Bible study methods. This can be helpful for getting familiar with independent Bible study!

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10 Replies to “(Non-Bible) Lessons I’ve Learned from Bible Study

  1. I try to read through the Bible on a two year plan (but sometimes it takes me three, ha). And every time through, I learn something new…about God, about me, about my relationships. I love that the Word stays fresh regardless of how much time has passed since it was written. God is still so active in each of our lives.

    1. I’m with you in the two years taking three haha! Yes, praise Him for working through His Word afresh in our lives today!

  2. These are great insights into your years of Bible study alone and in groups, Bethany. I’ve never heard that idea of reading the last sentence and going backwards. I’m going to try that the next time I hit a rough patch. Thanks for all these great ideas, my friend. I’ll be pinning!

  3. I agree with lots of these points! One thing I’ve found is that I always learn more from the Bible as I try to communicate it to someone else, whether that’s through writing or teaching children.

    1. That’s so true, Lesley! Sometimes when I get stuck on a passage I wrote about it like I’m going to share it for this very reason (doesn’t always get shared though, haha!)

  4. Bethany, I love all these lessons and tips. I’m an underliner, and I’ve been using the same Bible for maybe 13 or 14 years. I’ve read the whole thing at least a few times during those years, and this last time through I’ve realized that those previous underlines are kind of distracting! So I bought a new Bible and I’m looking forward to using it the next time I start my two-years-that-really-takes-three-years plan. 🙂 The new Bible is also a study Bible (my old one is not) so I’m looking forward to delving into those notes as I go along too.

    1. This makes me smile, Lois! I’ve long admired people who use the same Bible their whole lives, but the ways I best learn mark up the pages too, so multiple Bibles work well for me. (And I love my study Bible! Which one did you get??)

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