Help When You’re Not in the Christmas Spirit

We were in a time of transition, and I’d been eagerly anticipating the reliable traditions, stillness, and cherished peace of Christmas Eve. Silly as it was, attending a noisy, atypical morning celebration we were invited to instead of a calm service made me feel sad. To add to my frustration of eager anticipation climaxing in disappointment, it was unseasonably warm.


I felt ridiculous praying for God to help me be still and praise Him. Shouldn’t I be able to do that on my own? But I couldn’t, and God cares, so I asked.


That evening, my husband surprised me with a trip to a little historic church nearby. We entered a sanctuary adorned with well-loved pews, decorations made by children, and evergreen trimmings lining the walls. A choir sang, children listened to a story, and a pastor we’d never heard preach before shared the gospel beautifully and clearly. In the stillness, they passed out candles to hold as we sang “Silent Night.”


Then, two by two, the pastor led us out with candles, song, and hearts still burning into the starlit night. Unexpected snow began to fall as we ended with the words “the Savior is born.”


God so arrested my attention and awe I felt as if an angel in the sky declared, “Behold, I bring you good news of great joy!” (Luke 2:10). By His grace, God helped me stop and behold Him that night.


Do you also struggle with getting in the Christmas spirit? Although there are many different reasons for the struggle, we can find help through a few simple strategies.

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