Don’t Miss the Dreams Already Come True

Once upon a hyper-proactive day, I wrote up a list of components of my dream job. In my mind, I sketched out exactly what the position would look like and the kind of place it would be in. A sample title sat on my imaginary desk.

That was the goal. That was the dream.

Onto frustration, I have yet to find a place like the one I hope for. The job title, as best I can tell, doesn’t exist. The position is too cobbled together to find already listed somewhere.

Yet, sans title, sans position, sans formality, I’m living much of my dream.

That list of things I love in a job? I found it recently. If read like a checklist, it’s all crossed off.

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I’m so glad for that.

We doer-dreamers have a tendency to get so captivated with the shape of the model that we miss the purpose of it. When someone speaks a title, we pull out the book we’ve already written. If we’re offered an opportunity, we have more expectations to meet than thanks to give.

In short, we can be so fickle about the look of the dream that we overlook the fit of it.

Even if we’re smack dab in the middle of living what we long for, we sometimes can’t see past our false images. Instead of revelling in the living of it, we revere our ideas of it. We wear dreams too small or too big for us and ignore the discomfort.

I’ve watched this as friends have longed to teach Scripture to hungry listeners, but have been too busy for lunch with a Bible-starved friend.

I’ve been saddened to watch people call life-changing, real-life ministry “worthless” because no one else acknowledges it or calls it ministry.

I’ve done this myself as I’ve longed for a particular kind of new friendship, only to overlook already-friends seeking the same type of relationship with me.

What’s that saying about missing what is right in front of our faces?

Let’s ask God to enlighten our eyes. What we have, what we’re living today, is in God’s timing and provision. He doesn’t let anything go to waste. He delights to give us our desires when they align with His will.

God, who gives the dream, sees it through. We’re often just clueless as what it actually looks like. Embrace the surprise. Rejoice today in the pieces and parts of dreams that, like each of us, are both in the making and already made!

What part of your dreams are you already living?

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16 Replies to “Don’t Miss the Dreams Already Come True

  1. I actually read this post yesterday when it hit my email inbox, and reading it again today I have the same strong impression that if my writing and teaching dreams never materialize and I spend the rest of my days blogging and sitting around a table in the church library with my weekly women, I will still have been blessed beyond measure. We need to look at the given as well as the dream — thanks for gently taking us there, Bethany.

    1. Oh Michele, your comment hit my heart. More and more I realize my longing is to be seeking the Lord present with people. They are the treasure we lay up in heaven, and what a treasure they are! Praying the Lord unites your present and future givens with your dreams in hope! Thank you so much for reading and sharing, Michele.

  2. There are a lot of good thoughts here. How often are we striving for a title or a complete picture, when God is giving us those things in different and beautiful ways!

    1. Thank you Melissa! And so often. Thankful for when He opens our eyes to the blessings He’s giving!

    1. Thanks Tiffany. No He doesn’t! I hope He’ll give us both eyes to see the wonder of the work He invites us to participate in!

  3. I loved this post! Thank you for sharing such great wisdom. I love your quotes! “We can be so fickle about the look of a dream that we overlook the fit of it.”

  4. It’s like we’re putting together a 1000 piece puzzle, and we get so involved in finding where the pieces of a cloud go that we are not able to focus on the beauty of the whole picture (and that’s with a cheat sheet – if we didn’t have that, it would be even harder!) 🙂
    Lord, please open our eyes that we may see the blessings you’ve already given us and a thankful heart that rejoices in Your mercy and grace!

    1. So true! Even though I enjoy puzzles I’ll admit the joy and focus for me is the fitting it together, not the view as it comes together. Such a doer. Yes Lord, open our eyes!

  5. This really spoke to my heart because this is what I need for God to do in my life to not let me miss out on what’s in front of me and to focus on seeking him to enlighten my eyes to what I already have or what he has already placed before me. Also to focus on the now not what could be in life or how life should look the way I want it to look like but rest in that it is in Gods hands.

  6. Yes! This is great! I love this line of yours: “If we’re offered an opportunity, we have more expectations to meet than thanks to give.” I need to let go of expectations all the time and just follow Jesus instead.

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