Spiritual Fitness Verses

Several of my freelance clients are in the fitness industry, so I’ve recently written a lot about workouts and resolutions. It seems “getting in shape” is the goal of many! 

Debbie Wilson recently wrote here about exercising our souls so we have firm faith instead of fragile faith. She wisely points out:

“Because faith is living, it needs constant care. Just as we eat, sleep, exercise, and practice good daily hygiene to enjoy physical health so we must work to maintain vibrant faith.”

While God certainly urges us to care for our bodies so we have the ability and energy to serve, many of the exercises He prescribes in Scripture have more to do with our hearts, minds, and choices.

Check out some verses about exercises God prescribes for building our spiritual muscle. Click here to join me at Recharge Wednesday.

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  1. Needed to read those verses! Definitely want and need to improve with fitness. Thanks for the encouragement over at Patricia’s, and I appreciate you stopping by my blog party today!

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