Packing for Heaven

Our packing routine is well established. We grab the green duffel bag, and lay out our clothes first. He rolls them up tightly while I wander the house grabbing other items, careful not to forget things like toothpaste. For health-related reasons and my picky eating and such, we talk through our plan A, our plan B, and how to prepare for whatever is ahead- even the fun.

It’s different when we pack for visits with people dear to us, though.

They’ll assume we’re going to share the toothpaste they already have. If we, say, forget socks, there are some to borrow. Plan A and plan B can be worked out when we get there. We don’t have to plan so much, because where we’re going is already prepared for us.

We know we won’t be welcomed as guests, but as family long-anticipated and loved.

In a Bible study I attended, someone talked about different ways we refer to death. “Going home,” is one of the favorite ways of describing the momentous occasion.

Tying that phrase to this one made me smile:

“You can’t take it with you when you go.”

So much joy is in this little thought.

We don’t have to take anything with us when we go, Jesus has prepared the place for us!

We don’t have to take anything with us when we go, Jesus has prepared the place for us! Click To Tweet

As wonderful a picture as this is- it still doesn’t even come close to the joy that awaits us in eternity. How much more generous, excited, loving, and welcoming is Jesus toward us!

God hasn’t laid out all the details of heaven for us, but here’s what we know:

Someone we love will welcome us.

When you walk in the door of eternity, Jesus will be there. You won’t have to explain to Him about your trip and why you’re early or late. You won’t need an introduction. There will no internal review of what you talked about last or what kind of standing you left your relationship in. People you love, who Jesus loves to, will rejoice in the great reunion.

Jesus will welcome you to the place He lovingly prepared for you.

We won’t have need of anything.

You won’t have to run out for the toothbrush you forgot or lug around the medications you better not travel without. Your first thought won’t be about the bathroom or when you ate last. There will be no awkward moment where you wonder if you should have brought a better present or snack.

Jesus will welcome you to the place He perfectly prepared for you.

It will be an eternal home.

As you settle in, you won’t keep a suitcase handy for repacking. You won’t regretfully tell loved ones “next time” when you can’t squeeze all your favorite things in. There won’t be a thought in the back of your mind that someday this will all belong to someone else.

Jesus will welcome you to the place He permanently prepared for you.

We can send stuff ahead right now.

Jesus said, “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” (Matthew 20). In His Word, we read about heavenly things, also called things above. They’re all the sorts of things that last for eternity- the fruit of the spirit, sharing the gospel, talking with God, learning about Jesus, obeying His commands.

Jesus will welcome you to the place He is preparing you and others for now…

With a glorious home in heaven ready and waiting, what will you pack into this lifetime now?

God’s Word tells us music is part of our eternal future. It’s one thing we can “pack” for heaven! They make me excited to sing His praise together with everyone who knows the sweetness of our Savior. I love these renditions of classic hymns by Norton Hall Band.

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4 Replies to “Packing for Heaven

  1. My heart needed to read this today, Bethany. Thank you, dear friend. (I hate packing, by the way. Hate. It. I’m glad storing up treasures in heaven doesn’t require outfit planning.) 🙂

    1. Lois, I appreciated your post today too (but for reason couldn’t leave a comment!) I can understand disliking packing! Packing to move is my least favorite. Packing for a trip, I don’t mind so much. : )

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