More of God Book Review

More of God book review


My phone alarm rang obnoxiously even though it was still dark.

I had a new job, plus my old job, and a renewed commitment to spending time focused specifically on God. Every (very busy) day. 

Some part of my heart got up so early because I actually wanted to grow in my walk with Jesus. But a big piece of me flipped open the pages of Scripture because I thought 30 minutes before dawn was the deadline for becoming a good church lady.

During that season, I remember regularly stopping by Betsy de Cruz’s blog Faith Spilling OverHer writing played a part in helping me understand that there aren’t quotas in God’s kingdom. Authentic love for Christ can be expressed in 5 words or 10 minutes at any time of day as well as it can in eloquent paragraphs or 30-minute devotional periods.

Her concise manner of writing hasn’t rubbed off on me yet, but a bit of the wisdom she’s shared over the year has.

Betsy influenced my love of memorizing God’s Word. Her words helped free me to connect with God genuinely instead of for performance-reasons more than once.

That’s why I’m extra-thrilled to share about her book, More of God.

It’s hard to think of a better topic for Betsy’s first book.

In More of GodBetsy shares honest, practical insight into what real-life connection with God is like. She offers tips, not rules, and conviction, not condemnation.

The book covers topics like:

  • Distraction during prayer
  • Bible reading when you’re bored of it
  • Turning to God when life is hard
  • How to study God’s Word more deeply in busy seasons
  • Delighting in your relationship with God

More of God quote

Quotes include:

  • “When we give God our worries in the morning, prayer for our concerns comes more naturally later in the day.”
  • Just as I want to be present and focus my attention on people I love around me, I also want to be present to God during the time I spend with Him.”
  • “Scripture feeds our faith, renews our thoughts, and empowers us to run our race.”
  • “Some measure of peace returns to me when I return to Jesus in my thoughts.”

If you love Jesus but haven’t mastered the “good church lady” thing either, More of God is a gift to help you freely and JOYFULLY connect with God authentically.

{I read an advanced copy of this book in preparation for this honest review.}

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8 Replies to “More of God Book Review

  1. Bethany! Thanks so much for your review and for reading my book. I feel so honored. I LOVED your first list of bullet points! Girl, I should have gotten you to write the value statement for my book! (My back cover.) I guess you have experience as a professional writer. <3

    1. Betsy! Thank you!! What a joy and honor to get to read and share about your book!! I look forward to God blessing many women with these words you wrote! And haha- I think your description is already great!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Betsy’s book. It sounds wonderful! I especially loved this quote: “Just as I want to be present and focus my attention on people I love around me, I also want to be present to God during the time I spend with Him.”

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