Lie 1: Sin Doesn’t Matter That Much

(A series on lies sin tells us to tempt us and trick us. Join me in exposing sin’s lies to God’s Word in this 8 part series.)

If we’re honest, we’d like to pretend sin doesn’t exist.

One of the greatest obstacles people face when considering salvation is admitting they are sinners.

As believers, we often avoid owning up to this fact. Having dealt with sin once and for all at the point of salvation, we’re glad it’s over with. Saved, we go on our merry way, regularly ignoring our sinfulness because we believe we’re good people.

Scripture refers to sin as “deceitful” for good reason (Heb 3:13.) It twists the truth, hardening our hearts towards the One who is true. This is how sin appeals to the unbeliever and believer alike. Sin twists the reality of consequences, purposes, identity, and value.

First and foremost among sin’s lies is that sin doesn’t matter that much.

Wrong. Sin matters for the unsaved and the saved alike.


Sin matters because its consequences stretch all the way from eternity to right now.

For the unbeliever, sin is a pair of shackles – chains called “I’m doing my best” and “this is just the way it is.” The shackles guarantee death and separation from Christ.

Believers wear shackles with the key attached. Ignorantly we tell each other – “the shackles fit you so well!” Meanwhile, Christ has all sorts of gifts and blessings for us to carry – things we employ better when our hands aren’t tethered.

Even with a key, shackles unopened still constrain.

Willfully ignored sin is a pair of unopened shackles.

How rarely we choose this perspective.

God’s best isn’t what we’re thinking of when we give into temptation. Often, our idea of “best for me” is first and foremost.

Case Study: Gossip

We don’t think our gossip matters or even count it as sin.

Those friendly bits of information serve a purpose: enlightening someone about goings-on, helping us ease our emotional burdens, or just sharing what we heard. Our efforts even seem productive.

After all, what’s a little gossip hurt when it serves a purpose?

But gossip, even the “Christian version”, shackles us to sin. Because it’s not God’s way.

Living life God’s way is the best way. That’s why sin matters, for the Christian and nonbeliever. Sin means not embracing God’s way.

When we live as if sin matters, we prioritize what does matter: God’s way.

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0 Replies to “Lie 1: Sin Doesn’t Matter That Much

  1. Great post, Bethany! It is easy to fall into believing that sin doesn’t matter so much, comparing ourselves to others rather than to God’s best. It is important to see its seriousness, and to use the key we have to free ourselves from its shackles.

    1. I just realized I’ve been spelling your name wrong…sorry Lesley!! Absolutely- and you’re so right comparison plays a big part in the way we are deceived by sin. Tackling comparison in the next post in this series, actually : ) Praying we both use that key today!!

    1. Thank you, Mari-Anna, for encouraging me and reinforcing this topic’s importance! I’m learning so much through writing this series. Praise the Lord He is a gracious teacher to sinners like us!

  2. Bethany, I love this: “When we live as if sin matters, we prioritize what does matter: God’s way.” Amen, sister, amen! When it doesn’t matter, pride creeps in. Loved the visit today via #heartencouragement Thursday.

    1. Yes! Ignoring sin leaves the door open, and you’re so right, pride is often the first unwelcome guest!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Kristi!

  3. Bethany, I so love this series and thank you for shining a light on this! Nothing more Satan would love is to keep us in a state of acceptance, leaving a shroud of deception over the fact that we are actually sitting in a jail cell…for the our own choice! I am sad to say I know this one well.

    1. I know it too well, too, Dana. I wrote one of the later posts first all by itself (one that I don’t particularly struggle with) and the Lord began convicting me to extend it to a series where I faced the sin lies that tempt me personally too. So good, and so challenging!! Thanking Him you are joining in and shining the light with me : ) There is freedom in Him!

  4. Yes, sin means not embracing God’s way! You are right believing sin does not matter is a lie! Enjoyed stopping by today! God Bless!

  5. Living in freedom is one of the gifts that God wants us to have. Thanks for reminding us that sin is the opposite of that gift. May we all allow God to transform us by the power of His grace and love that surrounds us.

  6. The world tells us so many lies, doesn’t it. That sin goes unnoticed and that the consequences are measured on some karmic scale. God’s way! Yes! I love your resolve for absolute truth and your willingness to talk through some of these lies.

    Thanks so much for visiting the blog re-launch this week too! Hope you got in on the fun of some of the giveaways?! Glad to visit from #thoughtprovokingthursday today.

    1. Yes it does, Tiffany! Narrowing down to a few for the series was tough once I got going : P Thanks for joining in and encouraging me. I’m loving reveling in the truth about sin.

      I was also so glad to visit your relaunch. The new site is lovely and I did get in on the give aways : ) I’m grateful for your generous heart and to see how the Lord uses the new site!

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