Growing in the Body of Christ: Review of The Unexplainable Church Bible Study

For Growing in the Body fo Christ Cover of The Unexplainable Church by Erica Wiggenhorn for book review

Some things are better shared.

When I received a copy of The Unexplainable Church for review, I expected to squeeze it in amongst other Bible studies and books. Day One stopped me.

I haven’t completed this study, answering questions or looking up passages of Scripture. I’ve only read the content and the questions to be able to tell you what it’s about.

The reason is this:

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Author Erica Wiggenhorn’s introduction summarizes the heart of this study:

You and I were meant to be threads in the beautiful tapestry called the unexplainable church, the body of Christ Himself. Knitted and knot together, indivisibly tied to our brothers and sisters around the globe, yet each one individually fulfilling their own special work.”

Through the study, Wiggenhorn walks through Acts 13-28, beginning with the first sending out of missionaries Paul and Barnabas. The story covers the expansion and growth of the early church. She addresses both God’s Word to us as individuals in the church and as believers meant to live as part of the body.

Participants read slowly through the second half of Acts through Wiggenhorn’s accessible format:

  • The study lasts 10 weeks, with 5 days of homework and study to cover each week

  • Each day of work includes Scripture, commentary, and questions for both personal application and understanding the story in God’s Word

  • Many of the questions can be used for small group study

  • Free small group guides and extra resources for study can be found on her website

Much of the study commentary relies on observations, cross-references, and historical insight. Wiggenhorn relates the commentary to our personal faith naturally.

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Examples quotes include: On the exhortation to know God’s Word: “Becoming a follower of Jesus meant becoming an active learner.”

  • On the exhortation to know God’s Word: “Becoming a follower of Jesus meant becoming an active learner.”

  • On relating philosophies Paul combatted to those of today: “Greater good can be economic prosperity, scientific discovery or advancement, excelling or creating in the arts…basically anything that is viewed as significant or elevating self to the highest state possible.”

  • On Paul’s re-visitation of churches: “His desire was to see those who had accepted the message grow in their faith and stand firm in what they believed.”

Wiggenhorn’s humble approach to studying God’s Word allows the Bible to speak for itself.

Her commentary relates more to understanding Scripture than particular life issues or themes. Likewise, while some of her questions are for personal application, many simply help illustrate the story God is telling in Acts.

I think both men and women are likely to find the study practical and relevant for their growth as part of the body of Christ. The extra resources found at are also valuable.

Personally, I’m excited for the day I can join in The Unexplainable Church study with others in the body of Christ! Reading through it has me eager to dive in deeper with others.

<I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.>

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