25 Days of Beholding the Lord

There’s a lot to be said (and done!) in December.


Comfort for the lonely during this time of constant reminders of family and togetherness.

Wise reflections on the arrival of Christ and His impact on our lives.

Advice for traditions, planning, and keeping up with the busy schedule.

Celebrating and preparing for winter as it forces its way in.

What strikes me this Christmas season is that even amongst the busy, the heightened emotions, the anticipation, we have the chance to be stayed. Fixed upon. Frozen still in awe. Because during this celebratory time, we have all the more frequent opportunity to BEHOLD.


Behold –Christ has come. The lamb of God. The light of the world. The hope of nations, king of kings, and prince of peace.

What does that mean?

For the next 25 days, I’ll be writing shorter, daily posts about what we have to behold and what beholding is. Check back, please!

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6 Replies to “25 Days of Beholding the Lord

  1. I’m your neighbor at Holly Barrett’s today. Love it. Behold!

    May I invite you to share on the DanceWithJesus linkup too? SusanBMead.com/blog each week starting on Friday. Bless others there too!

  2. I’ve been pondering the word “behold” as well! I always think of it as “pay attention!” So many wonderful things to arrest our thoughts at this time of year — it’s good to be reminded to pay attention to the Savior who was born.

  3. I like this . . . behold. As I purpose to slow down and be still this Christmas, your post on Behold fits perfectly. I can observe, see Jesus in my every day and take time to ponder who He really is. We can’t truly behold when we’re rushing around. But when we’re still? That’s when I can take time to contemplate Jesus and be in His presence.

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