Tips for Educators of Students With Incarcerated Parents

Educators can use these tips to positively impacts students with incarcerated parents

When teachers receive their roster each school year, they are handed more than a list of names—they receive an opportunity to invest in lives.

Its likely that some of these lives are impacted by crime and incarceration. 2.7 million children in the United States have a parent behind bars.

Teachers and school administrators play a significant role in creating a positive or negative experience for all of their students, but particularly those who come from more vulnerable backgrounds.

Several strategies can help educators support prisoners children in school….

This post is written for Prison Fellowship, a ministry serving prisoners and their families to share the hope of Christ.

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2 Replies to “Tips for Educators of Students With Incarcerated Parents

  1. I hopped over to your guest post and just love the truth and wisdom you shared there, Bethany. It is an audience and need that often gets overlooked in the blogosphere. And I’m sure there is so much pain and confusion for those who experience a parent who’s been incarcerated. I have a friend who experienced that as a child and it has had a profound impact on her. You give the roadmap as an educator for how to be the hands and feet of Christ to this important group of people. I’d love it if you’d share the link to your or the other site’s post. It’s information that I’m sure some in my audience would find helpful and inspiring, Bethany! Thank you for your heart for this ministry!

  2. Thank you Beth! It’s such a challenging and saddening topic, but it’s reality for so many and God cares. Thankful for any chance to help. Thanks for your encouragement and testimony to the impact of your friend’s parental incarceration. Did you mean share it in the linkup on your site? I went back and did, thank you for pointing it out to me!

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