Thoughts on Being Profound

I’ve almost written this post three times. Ironically, I chicken out when I find that it just doesn’t sound…sufficient, impressive, eloquent, or relevant. I even deleted my notes. But I think it is an important... Read more

On Jesus’ Team

Photo from: A few basic rules to keep in mind as we “press on toward the goal.” Simple and straightforward, I pray these help us work together with our spouses and loved ones to glorify... Read more

Not Getting Ahead of God

Photo from: From where you are standing, there is much ahead. It might be a ton of busy, crazy, chaotic, and rewarding. Maybe the future is daunting. On the other hand, when you look ahead,... Read more

The Blessing of Endurance

Photo from: ( Isn’t it interesting that we tend to count our blessings most when “bad” things happen? It is after a major accident that we are glad to be alive, or post loss that... Read more