God Won’t Budge

Do you ever wish the lid on jar would come unstuck? Being inflexible isn't usually a good thing. But God won't budge- and that's good news for us!

“Come oooooonnnn,” is a phrase I mostly use in the kitchen. By the fridge. Holding something with a lid. Twist-off tops and I don’t get along because they will NOT budge.

In most cases, being inflexible, stubborn, or unmoving isn’t favorable.

So often it seems like if we just grip tighter or twist harder, we’ll have the opportunities we long for. We’ll find satisfaction. We’ll gain the missing ingredient and finally put together that idea we think is best for us.

But, if God’s the unmoving lid on a jar we’re fighting to get into, it’s probably not one we want to open.

Why is it good news that God won’t budge? Find out at Soaring with Him for Recharge Wednesday.

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