Three Signposts to Help You Stay on the Narrow Way

While rereading Pilgrim’s Progress, it struck me how simple were the instructions given to the main character, Christian. Just stay on the narrow way. Go straight. Yet time and again, Christian strays or is tempted to veer. The arguments for taking another path are often compelling and plausible. 

The same is true for us. No matter how long we’ve been a Christian or how thoroughly we know God’s Word, the simple call to stay on the narrow way is difficult for us to obey. As one hymn says, we are “prone to wander.” For as simple as “straight ahead” seems, we’re easily sidetracked.

Writing to Christians in Colossae long ago, Paul offered counsel on recognizing the temptation to follow other ideologies or envision a better direction for our faith. His counsel is just as helpful today when we are not sure which way to go in our thinking. 

{Please join me at Unlocking the Bible to spot the three signposts.}

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3 Replies to “Three Signposts to Help You Stay on the Narrow Way

  1. “When we’re not sure which way to go in our thinking, the answer is simply and entirely to depend on Jesus.” Bethany, you have brought much wisdom in this post. Dependence, direction, and treasure is what we will discover and gain as we seek Christ.

    1. Thank you, Joanne! What a gift that we can find everything we need not by searching aimlessly but by seeking and relying on Him!

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