Lessons from a Lobster- The Word Works Series!

Glad to have Niki and her candid, humorous storytelling kick off this series. Niki’s blog My Story, My God, is a brave place. There you’ll find frank, funny stories that point to the author of the One story we’re all a part of. She also offers a free eBook called Hearing God’s Voice - A Short Practical Guide. I’m looking forward to reading it soon!

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Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken… Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

-Psalm 62:2 & 6

Have you ever wondered how a lobster grows? How a small, baby lobster gets to be a big, strong lobster with a shell of steel?

Since their tough, rigid shells don’t flex or grow along with their soft, and might I say rather delicious, muscular bodies, growing as we do isn’t really an option for these mouthwatering invertebrates. Despite my penchant for devouring this tasty crustacean with copious quantities of melted butter, I’ve never really taken the time to fathom this mystery of the deep.

As it turns out, the lobster grows inside its shell and its body starts to push against that inflexible steel-like shell. Pressure builds up for our poor little lobster friend signaling that it’s time to go in search of a safe place to hide. Instinctively the lobster seeks out a nice rock or deep crevice, where it’s safe to shed its protective shell.

For a few short hours (which probably feel like a lifetime to our little friend) until his new shell grows, he’s naked and vulnerable, yet safe under the rock.

A few years ago I had no choice but to be a lobster and seek shelter in God, my rock, because I was diagnosed with cancer; rectal cancer. It was just six short years after I’d held my mum’s paper soft hand as she passed away from lung cancer, and a mere six weeks after I’d cradled my sister’s hand as she’d lost her battle with the same disgusting disease. My world was rocked and the ground fell out from under me. During the long months that followed, I hung onto this Psalm. These two verses smudging together to form, what I now fondly call, my “mish-mash verse”.

“You are my rock and salvation, my fortress and my strength.”

I repeated these words at every turn. As I was scanned, scoped and waited for results.

“You are my rock and salvation, my fortress and my strength.”

As I lay awake at night, alone in the hospital, with nothing but a morphine pump and IV for company.

“You are my rock and salvation, my fortress and my strength.”

When we told our children that, like their grandma and auntie, I too had cancer.

“You are my rock and salvation, my fortress and my strength.”

And now, as I deal with the after effects of a cancer like mine; always requesting an aisle seat near the loo, never leaving home without my Immodium, and learning that sometimes, when the bottom falls out of your world and the world falls out of your bottom, that it’s good and healing to laugh in the midst of the mess.

“You are my rock and salvation, my fortress and my strength.” <ClickToTweet>

When I was faced with such overwhelming pressure that threatened to drown me, I had no choice but to seek comfort, love and peace in God’s presence. Looking back now, I see how my relationship with God, my faith and peace grew beyond measure.

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m actually grateful for that pressure and that journey. <ClickToTweet>

Now, as the stresses of life have eased off, I catch myself relying on other more worldly, less reliable, things when the pressures of life build up; my emotions, other people, food, myself worth. Sadly, these provide little protection from prowling predators and my faith starts to stagnate and I don’t grow.

So I wish I were more lobster-like today as I deal with the pressures, stress and discomforts of life.

The lobster-like me would instinctively understand that as soon as I feel squeezed, pressured, overwhelmed, and about to burst, that’s my signal to hunker down under The Rock. Under the safety of the true rock I am protected and safe to discard the emotions, beliefs and lies that are holding me back. Protected from the enemy I am safe to be naked for a while and free to grow.

When we feel the pressure of life, if we are willing to seek protection and safety under The Rock and be exposed and vulnerable for a while, He will grow us and give us all we need to go back into the world more like Him.


When we seek shelter in God, who is our one true rock, He saves us, strengthens us and protects us. When we look to the world for our strength and our salvation we find a paper-mache fortress that is quick to blow away, leaving us at the mercy of the storms of life, unprotected and unable to grow into all that God has for us.


Let me invite you to set your inner lobster free! Or, rather more spiritually put; when you feel the squeeze and pressures of life, seek cover in The Rock, who will save you, strengthen you and protect you in His fortress.

Then you’ll be free to grow into the person (or lobster) He created you to be.

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0 Replies to “Lessons from a Lobster- The Word Works Series!

  1. Oh Nick, I am so blessed reading your story. Surely the Lord is our rock😀
    I pray The Lord will touch you in a way only He can.
    God bless you

  2. Thank you Ifeoma, Don’t you think we so often think of Him as the rock in times or trouble to shield us and protect us from the storm (which He does), or as the rock to build our lives on (which He is), but I forget that while He shelters us, He grows us if we are willing?

  3. Your testimony and your words make me consider all the times I maybe should have hid myself in Him more, and shed the things He was wanting me to grow past… beautiful post! So glad I took time to read it this evening!

  4. Niki, this is such a deep testimony of the grace of God, and you are handling it with such humor and wisdom. I’m sure that you are still having some lobster days – and maybe even feel as if your in the pot of boiling water.
    I’m from Maine, so these edible crustaceans are a big part of life for many of the people I worship with. Your mini-biology lesson has given them even more significance for me today.

  5. Niki, I had no idea that’s how the lobster grows. What a beautiful analogy for us growing spiritually. When we can shed those things that we hold onto for protection and get under that safe place God provides and be real with Him, then we can grow. I hadn’t thought about it quite like this before.

    I’m glad you came through the cancer, and that you have a sense of humor about certain aspects of it.

    Loved your post today!

  6. “I never thought I’d say it, but I’m actually grateful for that pressure and that journey.” That is a powerful testimony, Niki. I’m so glad this has been one of the outcomes of your experience with cancer. I love the lobster analogy and so appreciate your sense of humor, too. Bethany, this is a great way to start off the Word Works Series! 🙂

  7. Powerful words and story here. Lord, may I have the courage to lean into vulnerability and let you grow me. Blessings, liz

  8. What a gift your story is! God is using it powerfully to point others to Him. Thank you for this timely truth… to be more lobster-like and hide in the safety of God when the pressures of life ensue. It’s a joy to be following you this week at Holly’s and Crystal’s. Praying for you today!

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