Is This the Change You’re Looking For?

Often we want our circumstances to change, but God is more focused on changing us!

Having just traveled a few states to work in the summer heat, it was admirable how upbeat the youth were. Their mission trip involved hard work laboring to repair homes and make helpful upgrades.

They spent a lot of time in one house rebuilding part of a damaged wall. Everything from measuring to cutting to patching to painting was involved.

But when they got there the next morning, the wall was broken through again.

An angry, intoxicated individual had decided to smash it in. Chances were, if they fixed it, he’d do it again.

You can probably imagine how they felt.

Although that example is extreme, we live in cycles bound mutually by futility and purpose every day.

Outwardly We are Wasting Away

You wash your clothes, and then you dirty them. You do an honest day’s work, and then you have to do it again. You make money, then you spend it. You eat food, and then you…you know.

All things material in this life are wasting away. Even the stuff that can be used for eternal purposes, like spiritually rich books. Or the money we save up to give away. Even the bodies we work hard to take care of have an end.

We live a cycle of do, undo, do again. Click To Tweet

Inwardly We are Being Renewed Day by Day

God tells us that those who trust in Him are lifted up on eagle’s wings and made able to walk and not grow weary. He promises to make us new. Every day, He says, He offers renewal to our souls.

The Holy Spirit- the very Spirit of God that has conquered death- is living inside of us. God intends for His Spirit in us to change us. His preoccupation has always been building into eternity, which means building His people.

Change can be a good thing. Most of our prayers are focused on change- but on changing circumstances God is busy changing us, though, and that's a beautiful thing.

Reassessing Our Focus

When you think about it…

It’s a little silly how much of our energy, concern, and prayer is wrapped up in what’s wasting away. Click To Tweet

We ask God all the time to change “things” and fix “stuff” and heal what is going to die someday. It’s not wrong.

But there’s also value in asking God to change hearts and fix perspectives and heal what lasts for eternity.

I know in my heart, changing this focus in prayer lessens the waste of frustration I have with the material, circumstantial, and ultimately temporal.

When our living-cycles have spun round their last, I hope our prayers reflect a rhythm that resonated into the everlasting.

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10 Replies to “Is This the Change You’re Looking For?

  1. Bethany, you share a lot of great insight in this post. When I feel weary, I remember that verse in Romans that tells me the Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in me! Such joy and affirmation when we steep ourselves in God’s Word. Sharing your post on Pinterest and Twitter, friend.

  2. Great insights here, Bethany! It’s true that it can be easy for our prayers to become all about temporary things rather than eternal things- asking God to “fix” our circumstances rather than letting him do the work he wants to do in our hearts. I liked the song too!

    1. If you liked the song you might like his others— like “What Mercy Did for Me!” Thanks be to God He works in our hearts even when we stick to easy fix it prayers! And thank you for sharing, Lesley!!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I continually struggle with the crazy futility of so much of what I do, and have to come back to the WHY of what I’m doing–and to remember that God is doing a work in me through the small and unseen parts of my day.

  4. This is a perfect post this morning to remind me of how God works in us when we come to Him in a posture of letting Him change us. It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of wanting more and more while at the same time realizing the change we are looking for is not where we thought it was. Beautiful words, Bethany!

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