Hope Your Heart Needs Review

Hope Your Heart Needs devotional book review

We’ve got a little dog with a lot of character. Every day, I’m reminded of his faithfulness when I get home and he’s happy to see me. I recognize his intelligence when he teaches himself new tricks. I know what he loves as he paws insistently, begging for laps and food and soft blankets to snuggle into.

God’s got a whole lot more character, of course. But noticing or reflecting on His character doesn’t come as naturally since God isn’t quite as in-my-face as our pup. So, I appreciate books that remind me of who He is!

Holley Gerth’s devotional Hope Your Heart Needs offers short reflections. Every short reminder reflects on a different element of God’s character.

The reflections often include stories from Gerth’s life, which tie into the verses she is reflecting on. I found the personal nature of the devotions relatable.

Some of the 52 facets of God’s character Gerth shares about include:

  • Helper
  • Friend
  • Comforter
  • Instructor
  • Giver

Examples of quotes include:

  • On I AM: “God is somehow, mysteriously always present tense.”
  • On His being our Shepherd: “He found me when it didn’t look to anyone else like I’d gone missing.”
  • On Christ as Truth: “Truth is always and only to defend the people we love. To protect each other’s hearts. To say, ‘I see a threat in your life and I am willing to put myself on the line on your behalf’.”
  • On God as our Dwelling Place: “Home is a person. And He is always with us.”

True to its title, Hope Your Heart Needs was consistently hope-giving and heart-focused. Gerth continues in this devotional to use her gift for connecting the head to the heart through faith.

I recommend this little devotional as a gift for loved ones and as encouraging reading for yourself.

<I received a free copy of this book from Baker Books in exchange for this review>

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  1. This sounds great! I always appreciate Holley Gerth’s writing and we can never get too many reminders of hope! I especially love the quote about God as our shepherd.

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