In {Google} We Trust

{The second installment in the In ____We Trust Series}

I like to stop by Christ on my way to Google. I wave hello, say “thanks” or “please.” Even “so glad you’re still here, I love you and trust you!” and then get along on my merry way to wherever I’m ultimately headed. It’s often to Google.

See, I like Google. I’m convinced there are no ends to the rabbit trails found to every answer I can conceivably ask it. There’s always something more to know, which, in my doubting heart, means there always a glimmer of hope that there is a way and it will work out….I just have to keep figuring it out.

If you want to know what I’m concerned about or doubting the Lord about, check my Google browsing history.


At times you’ll find an absurd number of articles, web listings, and advertisements for first time homebuyers.

During other months, lengthy detailed research can be found about the health issues of loved ones and chronic problems that remain unsolved. The research extends to whole articles about big words I can’t pronounce.

I approach this in a Godly manner, of course. Because I pray first…

Do you know the prayer?

It’s that “I trust you, help me” prayer that comes before jumping off the narrow way of faith into the pit of forging my own way.

google we trust

I’ve got plenty of company there…that’s how Google ratings are determined, you know. The more people there are like me turning to Google for the answers the Lord isn’t giving as we want and when we want it, the more information there is on Google and the easier it is to find.

It seems that like me, many people believe that if we just check every rabbit hole, follow each trail to its end, and then tunnel a little deeper down on our own, the whole path will just open up. We’ll get where we’re going.

But oh, amidst all the sin of my doubt and my trust in Google, there’s another big issue:

Christ is not just the launching point, but the destination. And….the way.

When I trust Him with any one of these but not with all of them, I miss out. I do all this extra work and have all this added stress and anxiety. Because I’m trying to get to the one I trust, but not trusting Him to give me the information I need to get there.

My Google habit isn’t a sin. Being well-informed is even wise.

BUT, trusting in knowledge from Google instead of wholly in Christ leaves me with a head full of stuff and a heart full of…stuff. Not peace. Not hope. Not rest and joy in the Lord.

This is just another form of “leaning on my own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5.)

Google can mislead me. Information can change. All that I might learn in my seeking and searching online can fail me, betray me, disappoint me, and ultimately leave me hurt. God cannot and will not.

Before I whip my Google fingers out, I need to pray and ask if seeking information in that instance is a part of following Him. And I need to be willing to stop and listen.

If what I’m looking for isn’t information Google has, I need to look elsewhere. Namely, to Him.

If what I’m looking for is intended to placate me, fuel my doubts, or tempt me to sin, I need to go to Him who has all I need.

If I know that my Google search is just a tool God is using to teach me, inform me, and lead me…then I can click away.

Because when my Google search is something I trust the Lord with, I’m trusting the Lord…not a search engine.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be writing each Monday on something (or someone) I tend to trust in besides God. 

What about you? How do you fill in the blank: In ______ I Trust?

Writers and non-writers are welcome to submit guest posts. Contact me here by June 5th telling me what you trust in besides God and how He helps you trust Him more.

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0 Replies to “In {Google} We Trust

  1. Isaiah 5:21- Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.
    I share this same struggle. Information searches over bible searches or prayer. It’s because I feel like I’m doing something over the problem at hand. Waiting upon the Lord and praying doesn’t seem enough.
    Lord, help my unbelief!
    I cannot count how many times I’ve searched for answers and not only are they contrary to God and His word, but someone I share the info. with says I’m silly for believing internet wisdom.
    Like diagnosis via ….. instead of talking to a real doctor.

    1. Wow is that verse convicting! I’m with you- just add in information searches over WAITING on His answer, too. Joining you in that prayer- Lord, help my unbelief!!

  2. “Google can mislead me…” that’s putting it mildly! You just can’t validate what’s out there!! Boy have I been led down rabbit holes, too! It’s a fine to walk indeed between trusting God completely and using the brain He’s given us.

    1. So true, Liz! I think information in general can be really misleading because of exactly what you said here- there’s a fine line between using our brains and relying on Him. Such a hard truth to accept for a wanna-know-it-all like me!

  3. Christ is not just the launching point, but the destination. And….the way.

    This is so true. And I am convicted myself because I too have struggled with the “let me see if I can help God out by speeding up the process,” thing.

  4. I heard a sermon on this a while ago- when we’re looking for answers it is easy to make Google our first port of call rather than praying about it, but it’s true that we end up with a head full of “stuff” and often very little peace.

  5. I never would have thought of this, Bethany, but yes … I’m guilty of leaning on my own understanding by trusting in Google too. Much to think about here … thank you!

    1. I thought of it the hard way haha. Now there is a label beneath my screen reminding me that Google doesn’t know but God does! Thanks Lois!

  6. This is a such a great (convicting) post. I’ve heard God whisper this to me as well (probably b/c I love Google!!) Sometimes it’s so tempting to settle for the easy, quick answers that Google will give me than actually get Life answers from Jesus. Thanks for sharing!

  7. “Before I whip my Google fingers out, I need to pray and ask if seeking information in that instance is a part of following Him. And I need to be willing to stop and listen.” AMEN Thanks for this great post! Blessings! Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup!

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