Battery Operated Faith

My husband is a fan of gadgets and tools. No surprise, since he makes a living fixing stuff. One might think the man loves all the fancy new technology. However, there are some aspects of “old” tech he values.

For example, he doesn’t believe it’s wise to go totally cordless.

Because of his preference for power cords we have to pause to plug the vacuum in every 50 or so feet instead of getting the whole house done without the hassle of a cord. For some projects, we have to run extension cords to operate the drill or other tech.

Complain as I sometimes might, he’s onto something.

Batteries run out of juice. Family members had the wireless version of our vacuum- it could only clean half the house before it needed a nap. Borrowed cordless drills have lacked the oomph for some of our tasks and run out of gusto halfway through others.

Of course, there’s also this little fact: sometimes we fail to really charge our batteries.

Too many times I’ve squatted by the outlet in our room because I wouldn’t leave my phone alone long enough to let it charge in the first place.

Batteries, though useful, aren’t as reliable, enduring, or energized as cords plugged right into a power source.


Battery-operated faith is the same way.

Sparingly recharging in God’s Word has us tripping over stuff when our souls start blinking “low.” Running on little prayer and quality time with the Lord leaves us running on empty trying to be enough on our own.

Burnout seems to happen when we’re more about connectedness in ministry than connectedness with the One we’re serving.Burnout seems to happen when we’re more about connectedness in ministry than connectedness with the One we’re serving. Click To Tweet

We must watch out for this.

Upgrades to faith often encourage more doing, more self-sufficiency, more of good things instead of Our good God. Sometimes it’s better to stick with the old way, relying directly on our power source. We may not see plugged-in faith as efficient, but it’s certainly more effective.

I’m grateful my husband lives a corded-kind of faith and encourages me to, too.

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17 Replies to “Battery Operated Faith

    1. Thanks, Lyli! If we’re alike, because you also scoff at feeling restrained- but strong, lasting connection isn’t the same as restraint I’m finding! ; )

  1. This is a great analogy, Bethany! Staying connected with the One we’re serving … so important! I love the new look of your blog too! So clean and fresh … how are you liking WordPress so far?

    1. Oops, I should have said how do you like your new site! For some reason I thought you were on Blogger before but then I remembered I have asked you questions about using WordPress, so I should have known you are not new to WP! 🙂

      1. Haha, I knew what you meant!! Thanks Lois! I’m liking .org : ) Still getting used to a few aspects, but loving the flexibility and feeling free to (hopefully!) improve with the new layout!

  2. Great illustration of how we need to be plugged into Jesus! It is crazy how easy it is for us think that we can go “cordless” and then we get into trouble. Thanks for the great reminder.

  3. Such truth, Bethany. I know I see that burnout in my own life when I’m not paying proper attention to staying plugged in to God – or like you said, rely on myself or my own plans, rather than pursue His. Love your encouragement to stick with what works and stay close to God! Glad to be your neighboar at #faithonfire.

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