3 (Better) Forms of Comparison

Like it or not, life is made up of comparisons.

We compare our food choices in order to make an informed decision about what we eat. Our employers compare our work to industry standards to help us succeed. God in His Word compares the things of the flesh with the things of the Spirit to teach us.

Comparisons brew trouble, though, when we make them in order to evaluate something already decided.

It’s no good to compare ourselves to others to determine our worth- God’s already decided that.

There is also no gain in comparing our situations with others to evaluate if we have enough- God’s already provided.

Despite the apparent foolishness of unhealthy comparisons, the temptation looms anyway. If we have no helpful comparison to make, we’ll often settle for whatever reference point we can get.

Fortunately, there are many better comparisons that God suggests we make…

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