How to Take Thoughts Captive When You Feel Like You’ve Lost It

Book review of Battle Ready by Kelly Balarie

You wouldn’t think it’s possible to get lost in a stand-up shower. But for me, this is a regular occurrence.

The cream-colored fiberglass is smooth, except for droplets of water dripping slowly down. I stand there shivering in my hastily tugged on and slightly dampened clothing, unaware of where I am, why, or the fact that ten minutes have passed since I turned the water off.

I’ve gotten lost in thought again.

While I wish I could say the thoughts were awe of God, the truth is they’re just replays of the same old lines and familiar rehearsals of the conversations I’ve had and other thought trains I’ve taken that day.

I rehash like it’s my job, but somehow think I’m the one in charge.

Over-thinkers like me struggle hard with God’s charge to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Kelly Balarie’s latest book, Battle Ready, is helping to stop my dizzying thought-cycles so that I can bring my mind into submission to the Savior. Subtitled “train your mind to conquer challenges, defeat doubt, and live victoriously,” Battle Ready is a unique and extremely practical read.

The chapters aren’t set up like what you find in most books, where you follow trains of thought subconsciously. Instead, emphasizing the importance of ruling our minds, you can track Balarie’s train of thought very precisely as her lessons are clear.

Every chapter begins with a godly mindset. Sections are divided by points that prove and practically address that mindset. In these sections, there are how-to ideas and plenty of probing questions. Each chapter concludes with to-dos that help you implement what you’ve learned.

Truth and the heart

In her typical way, Balarie’s writing is personable, inviting, direct, and memorable. Besides the many points she makes that stick with you, her quotes are worth writing down and returning to:

“Do what you’ve never done before to see what you’ve never seen before.”

“Truth not grasped in a heart never works.”

“Thoughts and words are windows to the heart.”

“God is a giver, but He doesn’t force the best of Himself on those fully satisfied with lesser gods or lesser goals.”

“A strong dependence on God mentally beats your loud-speaking, always-shifting feelings.”

As much I’d like to ramble on, I have to stop and admit: I haven’t finished Battle Ready yet. Nearly every section (yes section, not even chapter!) has caused me to stop, consider, and pray. This is a book that ripe for impact if you take your time with it- and Balarie notes this early on.

If you’re also one to find yourself so lost in thought that you’ve lost track of your time, or your feelings, or relationships, or self-control….or shower….I highly recommend this book!

(PS: Check out the Battle Ready website- you’ll find helpful printables there too.)

(I got an advance copy of this book and agreed to give an honest review.)

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10 Replies to “How to Take Thoughts Captive When You Feel Like You’ve Lost It

  1. I love reading your thoughts on Kelly’s book! I look so forward to reading it. (And yes, I can get lost in the shower too. Or while laying down to go to bed at night!) Blessings.

    1. It’s a keeper and refer-back-to kind of book! Hope you enjoy it if you read it too! (But I know it may be a bit since you just bought a bunch of books haha!!)

  2. Thank you for the review of Kelly’s book, Battle Ready. I get lost in my thoughts too often and lose sight of taking my thoughts captive. Like you, my thoughts are not always God’s thoughts. I know this is a life-changing book.

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