WordoftheWeek: ROCK

“Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken… Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”

-Psalm 62:2 & 6

What does it mean that Christ is our rock?

  1. That He is a Refuge

Earlier this week, Niki wrote about turning to her rock when she battled cancer. She urged us to continue seeking our rock and His safety as the pressures of life indicate that we need to grow.

Many references to God throughout Scripture include the word rock or synonyms like refuge, hiding place, and fortress. When we speak of Christ as our rock we in part refer to the fact that we are safe with God and that He will protect us.

  1. That He is a Firm Foundation

We are advised in Matthew 7 to build our homes on the rock. Spiritually, physically, and relationally- this is sound advice. Christ as a rock is also Christ as our foundation.  He is a strong, unchanging, and secure foundation. We know when build all things starting with and relying on Him that we don’t need to fear. As the classic hymn says: all other ground is sinking sand.

  1. That He is Unmoving

Have you ever tried to move a big rock? It’s tough. We know that the Lord doesn’t change– that’s what makes us certain that when we seek His safety, counsel, protection, and foundation, the promise is rock solid. He is unmoving and unmovable.

  1. That the Saved are Not Shaken

The verse in Psalms proclaims it best, tying together two important points: He is our rock AND our salvation. When we trust in the rock, we trust in one who is completely reliable.

We are saved by one who is immovable! That’s a safe saved.

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  1. Oh, what a blessing that He is our Rock! I have thought often lately of the song “Oh, Rock of Ages, hide Thou me, No other refuge have I but Thee…” I turn to Him so often to hide me and sustain and strengthen me in the battle. He is a God Who is ever faithful and true…thank you for sharing this today.

  2. I opened my Bible to read the Scriptures before replying. The NLT uses these words, “…my fortress where I will never be shaken.” I loved that as it reminds me to go to Him & Him alone, for it it there where I will not be shaken. Thank you for this beautiful reminder today!

  3. As the pressures of life indicate we need to grow. I’m learning a new position at work and this past weekend, I felt pushed beyond my limit having to face some very real fears. After work, I went to church watching Greg Laurie’s Harvest America. I’m clinging to the promises in a book my wife got me Stay Calm and Trust God. The next day I wore my Jesus shirt that my little girl got me as a visual to Our Rock and foundation. Thank you for your continued affirmation from our Lord that what we deal with daily are growing issues but in the arms of our God and Savior, we indeed become stronger

  4. Love this Bethany! I am totally standing on this truth today:) I’m your neighbor at #intentionaltuesdays. Have a great day!

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