The Writer

What I want you to know about me (and you!) is this:

Title: Loved by God.

Task: To love God and out of the love He gives, love others.

Traits: By the grace of God, we are who we are. We are made and being made.

As for those pesky pertinents expected in bios- I’m terrible at small talk.

I spent years trying out job fields because people seemed confused when I answered “what do you do?” with “learn. Write. Study. Play in my mind. Uhmm…I’m married? My dog likes to snuggle…Kids are my favorite kind of people. I’ll take my coffee as hot cocoa?” Case in point: I’m terrible at small talk.

What I love is getting to know and build up those whom God so loved He sent His only Son for them. That’s you. So please stay awhile, read a bit, comment, share, and connect with me.

Let me know what I can be praying over with you. You can email me here.