2021 Good List

 #2021goodlist (idea from the fantastic Laura Wifler – check out the hashtags for others!)

  • Songs like “All of Our Tomorrows” help me trust God through today and “Feels Like Home” that help me slow down, be still, and pay attention
  • Being stretched. Often not fun in the moment, but it’s incredible when things that seemed impossible become normal
  • My guy’s forbearance. Really. I require a lot of patience and he’s so patient and kind.
  • Learning to take more risks, because if it all falls apart as I tend to think it will, God will still be holding all things together
  • Catchphrases + character traits. I’ve started noticing the phrases my loved ones use over and over. It’s endearing and makes me happy
  • London!
  • Candles. Why did it take me this long??
  • New friends!
  • Historic carriage tour in Charleston
  • Regular chats with Shannon. There’s something special about consistently showing up for each other in a season
  • Almost daily texts with Cilla about life, the Bible + sometimes a book we’re reading
  • …Books. 54 this year. It would be too hard to pick the top 10
  • Bookshelves. Especially invisible floating shelves! 
  • Mountains
  • Plane rides
  • The notes app. Who needs a journal, calendar, grocery list, memory etc? (JK, those are all valuable but also…)
  • Babies! Lots of friends with littles!
  • God’s timing
  • That God’s work involves + is for other people too
  • Games: esp. Quacks of Quedlinburg + Splendor 
  • Indy’s full-on obsession with cheese
  • Walking trails
  • The Great British Baking Show, Daily Dose of Internet + Oversimplified
  • Fellowship! With colleagues, the authors and partners we work with, neighbors, church, people at conferences + on planes. It strengthens my heart to know God gives us brothers + sisters in Him everywhere!
  • Chronological Bible plans. Jeremiah and Daniel were contemporaries?!
  • Japanese curry
  • Writing
  • Possibilities. I’m in awe of all the possibilities I hadn’t even dreamt of a year ago that God has made realities. We know so little + control even less. He knows all, is sovereign + because of who He is in the hard and the happy, I’m excited for 2022! 
  • Matt’s laugh
  • Verse that stuck most: In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace… (Eph 1:7-10)

What’s on your good list for 2021?

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