The Treasure of Finished

What happens when your fears come true before your dreams do?

I faced this question recently when the very reason I’d avoided obeying the Lord in pursuit of my dreams became a reality. Spread out before me, my big scary reason for reluctance made the truth plain.

There is no way around hurt and hardship in the pursuit of our ultimate dream- to glorify God.

Whether we’re joyfully skipping after Christ or cautiously tiptoeing as He coaxes us along, we will encounter stumbling blocks. We will face opposition. Many of our fears will come true.

These aren’t possibilities, they are certainties. Jesus warned us not to be surprised by trouble in this world. “Do not be afraid” is repeated all throughout Scripture because God knows we often have cause to be afraid.

Thank the Lord fears being realized don’t stop dreams from coming true…

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  1. Bethany – Stopping by from #TeaAndWord today, I am going to click over to read the rest – but wow, your opener has be very hooked….

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    1. Thanks Debbie! I hope the rest is helpful to you : ) Thank you for the invite! At the moment I’m loaded up on linkups but I will make note for the future, thank you!

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