The Faith-Science of Courage

Beneath the headache-inducing fluorescent lights of the high school’s health classroom, my scrawny self learned something life changing. It didn’t seem all that scientific back then.

I learned the word resilient.

In a passing moment, the teacher said “want to impress college reps? Use this big word. Resilient. It means you bounce back.” He went on to teach his subject. I counted the minutes until I could look the word up in a dictionary.

Resiliency is the scientific process of courage.

Before the moving moment when someone down and out stands tall on the movie screen, they get knocked over. Our favorite superheroes come from bad situations or are faced with impossible tasks. The heroes of the faith rise up after opposition and discouraging challenges.

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Something scares us, plows us over, and tramples us down. We get the wind knocked out of us. The odds drive us to our knees.

That’s when resiliency draws us back to our feet and arms us with what we need to fight.

What does resiliency look like?

I’m grateful to share the rest over at Christine’s place: Precepts and Life Preservers. Click here.

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  1. Good thoughts! It’s not fun to go through hard things or get knocked down or put down. But so often, those places are where the learning and becoming are. Have a happy day!

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