Starting Well Requires Forward Movement

blog series of starting well and new beginnings

Part of starting well- no matter what we’re starting- is pushing steadily through the process of learning new things.

“First days” and “starting fresh” can feel like being lost in the middle of nowhere while knowing there is a town just miles away. You know just enough to recognize there’s a lot to know that you just don’t yet.

It’s easy to feel lost when our normal is changing. It’s easy to lose sight of which roads lead where and who we’re following anyway.

We tend to forget that God’s Word promises He is simultaneously going before us, guarding behind us, and walking beside us.

He is Leading us

Caught up in the God-prepared works ahead, we sometimes live life like we’ve got to catch up to what God has ahead. We assume that if the door is already open, we ought to go through. Running without paying attention to our pace or the scenery around us, we miss His right-now’s to get to the ought-to-be’s.

Running feet bible verse God goes before you

he is walking Beside us

When we get actually lost in the moment, nervously glancing at Jesus beside us, we sometimes feel like He’s just waiting for us to figure out what to do before life can move on. There’s such intense pressure in losing an eternal perspective because we’re lost in the right-now problems. We feel there’s no solution as the weight of our options rests heavy. Thank the Lord He can bear it, and already knows how He’ll work our right-now into His good purposes.

God is with us, walks with us, Bible verse

He is Guarding Us

Some of us live as if yesterday’s choices are puppet strings telling us how we must live today. Cut the cord. Christ is not waiting to shake His head and tell us we’ve made our bed and have to lie in it. There are natural consequences- and there are next-choices. How we respond to consequences is a choice. Respond believing Christ is the rear guard, He takes care of the past as He clears the way present and future.

God guards us from behind

As we walk through new things or along a path that we feel we’ve been on forever, we need to look less on what’s ahead, what’s around, and what’s behind. Instead, as the hymn says, let’s “look full in His glorious face.”

With our eyes fixed on Christ, we won’t be lost in relation to what matters most. Click To Tweet

Even if we don’t know where we are or how to get to that place we’re heading, we’ll know whose we are. And that means we’ll know that God knows where we are. That’s a good place to start!

I’m taking 4 weeks to look into God’s Word for wisdom on starting well. It would be a joy to have you join me.

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15 Replies to “Starting Well Requires Forward Movement

  1. Love these words and the reminder to remain focused on His full and glorious face! Inspirational Monday!

  2. With so many big and little things in life that can make us feel lost, this was a great reminder to where we need to focus and how we can see what is truly important-Jesus! He is a great compass! I look forward to further posts in the series.

  3. Awesome series, Bethany! As a family of athletes, I love anything themed along that line! So much of what God teaches us about running the race of life is taught well through athletics. Thank you so much for sharing hope with us at #MomentsofHope! You are a blessing!

    1. So glad, Lori! Thanks for hosting- I love your Linkup and meeting writers through it : ) Yes- I am actually not a runner in the least, but I appreciate how much God uses athletics to illustrate truth for life too!

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