Settling for Crumbs

It was a long drive, and the dog spent the first 4 hours on my lap. He hadn’t been fed much that morning (to reduce the number of stops needed.) For our food-obsessed pet, a small breakfast is a big deal.

Eyes laser-focused, he watched as we nibbled on snacks here and there, sniffing the air with hope in his eyes. Occasionally, when we weren’t nibbling, he would heave a sigh.

At last, we stopped for lunch. Cracking a window, I rushed to use the restroom while Matt ordered. We’d already discussed what to get- for ourselves and to reward the dog for behaving so well. Before Matt even made it to the cash register, I was back outside at the car. It couldn’t have been more than 3 minutes.

But…something was wrong.

Normally, the dog perches on top of the center console, guarding the car with all the might of a 12 pound beast. Yet he wasn’t in sight.

I opened the door to find him darting away, napkin dangling from his jaws. Chocolatey crumbs coated the seat.

He had found a used, rolled up napkin stashed in a bag, under maps, in a door pocket. And he had devoured it. Fortunately, there weren’t enough crumbs in that napkin for us to call the vet.

Still, he had eaten enough illegal food that we weren’t going to give him his treat anymore.

Matt came back to the car, juicy chicken piece for the dog prepared. And the dog missed out because he settled for stolen crumbs.

All I could think was,

“God, how often do I do that?”

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“And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong—you want only what will give you pleasure.” –James 4:3

Looking at that verse, my first (sinful) thought about pleasures is “it’s not like I’m asking for fancy toys or just for God to make me happy.” But that’s not really what James is talking about…

The “wrong” in the asking is about motives.

We tend to seek God most about earthly things- because that’s where our motivation is. We’re more motivated by accomplishment or ease (which are pleasures) than we are by heavenly things.

A schedule full of meaningful service opportunities and the energy to get it all done well is usually more of what our prayers are consumed by than intercession for one person’s quiet, messy, painful growth in the Lord.

Do you ever look at what prophets or apostles prayed about?

They mention health. They mention circumstances. They mention relationships…

But they also seek God earnestly for a feast of spiritual fruit- for a full harvest of earnestness (even among believers they’ve never met- see Colossians 1.)

We settle for less than the best when our prayers aren’t for eternal treasures like growing in the wisdom of Christ or overflowing with the hope of the Holy Spirit or repentance leading to renewal in the Lord!

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Will you join me in seeking Christ for the imperishable instead of settling for crumbs?

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