Do Your Excuses Dishonor the Lord?

“Make the most of every opportunity” Ephesians 5:16 says. “Always be ready to give the reason for your hope” 1 Peter 3:15 exhorts. When we think of having an opportunity to witness to others about the Lord, we tend... Read more

Cover image of Never Settle for Normal by Jonathan Parnell

Frustrated with Normalcy

Normal. It’s something we at once don’t want to be confined to and at the same time wish to obtain. Some think it’s a mirage. Others believe it’s what we make it out to be.... Read more

God’s Reverberating Word

“Sola Scriptura.” I remember reading the phrase (Scripture alone) in High School as our history books tackled the reformation. The concept was mentioned briefly as one of the causes of the divide in Christianity that... Read more

Stop Apologizing for Your Joy

I was eating chocolate, wiggling around, singing out loud, and beaming early that morning. A simple answered prayer had me celebrating with the Lord, bursting with joy. Eventually my routine brought me to social media,... Read more

Lord, Help My Countenance!

Sometimes all our favorite coping mechanisms fail us. Sometimes clearing our heads just makes the clutter in our hearts stand out more. Sometimes it’s not a matter of unbelief or challenging circumstances. Call it hormones.... Read more