Praying After Has a Purpose

Photo from: We pray before we eat. Before our days begin. Before we go to sleep. Often, we pray before big events and decisions. We pray as loved ones face difficulties. But we don’t have... Read more

Pray First

Photo from: I remember when these words sounded limiting –were you ever in that place? Praying first…or really before anything at all, seemed so restrictive. It took up valuable time and energy. Praying first meant... Read more

Love Others

photo from: Love your neighbor as yourself. This, we know well, is the second greatest commandment: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’... Read more

Love The Lord

Photo from: What does it mean to love the one who defines love? Love was in the mind of the one who thought up and foreknew all that is. His voice boomed with love when... Read more

Thoughts on Being Profound

I’ve almost written this post three times. Ironically, I chicken out when I find that it just doesn’t sound…sufficient, impressive, eloquent, or relevant. I even deleted my notes. But I think it is an important... Read more

On Jesus’ Team

Photo from: A few basic rules to keep in mind as we “press on toward the goal.” Simple and straightforward, I pray these help us work together with our spouses and loved ones to glorify... Read more

Not Getting Ahead of God

Photo from: From where you are standing, there is much ahead. It might be a ton of busy, crazy, chaotic, and rewarding. Maybe the future is daunting. On the other hand, when you look ahead,... Read more

The Blessing of Endurance

Photo from: ( Isn’t it interesting that we tend to count our blessings most when “bad” things happen? It is after a major accident that we are glad to be alive, or post loss that... Read more