24. BEHOLD: The Merry

Merry Christmas Eve! Have the festivities begun? Are you making merry? Do you know what “merry” is all about? The dictionary tells us: Scripture also uses the word. “we should make merry, and be glad:... Read more

22. BEHOLD: The Settling

Settle down. These are words children hear as they leap around the house in anticipation of presents, cookies, parties, and celebrating. They are also words many of us adults need to hear. Settle down. Take... Read more

Favorite Friend’s Post of 2015

Wanted to share a post that I just loved this year. I’ve come back to it a few times and memorized the “motto” the title alludes to- A MOTTO FOR THE TIRED AND WORN: http://www.loisflowers.com/a-motto-for-the-tired-and-worn/#more-1620... Read more

21. BEHOLD: The Unifier

Treaties are signed, even temporarily, for Christmas. In families and between countries, the agreement to live in peace for even just a short time is often made for the holidays. People step out of their... Read more