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In copywriting, offering “10 simple steps” is a great way to gain viewership. Promises to provide something life-changing with ease makes for a great hook. There’s a reason for that.

We like reward without risk. We aim to get the most out of doing the least. Call it entitlement, laziness, or whatever you’d like, but the truth is the snare of “easy” appeals to us.

Jason Mitchell’s book No Easy Jesus exposes how we fall for the same old trick over and over again.

When we believe in Easy Jesus, we miss out on the wonder, purpose, and joy of living life the way God intended for His beloved. We get caught up in convenience, safety, complacency, and other things that are less than God desires for us.

Mitchell’s focus is on “what happens after we’ve been made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Early on, he makes the foundational point that:

“grace is opposed to earning, not effort.” -Jason Mitchell Click To Tweet

From there, No Easy Jesus addresses the effort Christ calls believers to exert. Generosity, sexuality, forgiveness, compassion, and several other topics are opened up and examined. The goal of each excavation is to help believers understand the what, why, and how of living life God’s way.

Sections in every chapter debunk the myths and dispel the excuses that keep us serving an Easy Jesus. For instance, Mitchell shares the story of the week he made the decision to follow Christ seriously. A few days after his decision, he went to a strip club with friends. Upset that he chose something so not godly, he did what many of us do with Easy Jesus- he got frustrated God didn’t stop him!

As he then explains:

I didn’t know I’d have to choose to follow him again on Friday and everyday thereafter- that I’d have to ‘continue following’.”

Highly quotable, the book weaves pieces of personal stories like these in with Biblical examples and Mitchell’s own observations about the grit that faithful living requires. Examples of quotes include:

  • “At some point, intentions must mature into commitments.”
  • “I’m more comfortable asking God to comfort others than with having him ask me to do it.”
  • “Hurrying is the enemy of compassion. It renders us unable to notice.”

Points like these dot the landscape of No Easy Jesus, creating a detailed, colorful image of realities we often gloss over. The picture Mitchell paints is a lot to take in, so I’d recommend reading (and rereading) with a highlighter in hand.

In the introduction, Mitchell shares his goal is to “challenge you without weighing you down.” Prepare yourself as you settle into this. Something will stand out. A few smashed excuses may surprise you. You might disagree on some finer points. But you will be challenged to take a look at who you are following by faith.

We can all benefit from rubbing our eyes and reorienting ourselves once in awhile to be sure it’s really Jesus we’re following after.

<This honest review was offered in exchange for a free copy provided by Tyndale House Publishers>

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10 Replies to “No Easy Jesus Review

  1. This sounds like a good book. I’m always a bit suspicious of those books and posts that make everything sound so easy. And well done on your new blog- it looks great!

    1. Me too, Lesley! At the LIT conference I was cracking up when Beth Moore went off briefly about where these magical “keys” are that so many headline promise, haha. This book was really unique in its approach, very refreshing. And thanks on the blog- my husband gets most of the credit!

  2. I think we’d all like to believe that Easy Jesus will sweep in and take away all our problems. But the real Jesus loves us through them instead. This sounds like a wonderful and real book! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds like a great book. Sounds like easy Jesus allows us to be lazy. Real Jesus wants us to mature. One means more work for us. Yet also so many more rewards and personal growth. Thinking this will be my next book. Thanks for the review.

  4. Thanks for sharing this book review. It sounds like it speaks to the heart of many issues in straightforward terms to spur us on to choose Jesus every day, and to walk as He would have us walk.

    I know for me life goes much smoother and I am much happier when I walk in obedience, even though obedience can be hard work, yet Jesus told us to learn from Him for His yoke is easy and His load is light.

    Blessings on this Good Friday.

    1. I have found the same to be true, Karen! And this book is definitely straightforward on several issues. Hope you enjoyed this special weekend!

  5. The quotes you included are so thought-provoking and convicting, I would love to read more! As American Christians it’s so easy to fall into a “comfortable faith,” one that doesn’t exercise true commitment to following Christ. Praying God will help us take the route that’s less traveled, the one that would honor Him most!

    1. Praying that with you, Dani! If you liked the quotes I think you’d appreciate the book. Many of thoughts like the ones mentioned are explained more in-depth. Really helpful read, I thought!

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