What The Millennial Generation Needs to Know About the Goal of Faith

The millennial generation and the goal of faith

For many millennials entering adulthood, the truth that we all compete for a prize is a shock.

Painted high on the concrete wall of my elementary school gym, next to a friendly cartoon character, were the words, If you had fun, you won. It was as simple as that. We received participation trophies whether we failed or succeeded, and trying was all that mattered. Participating became the closest thing to achieving.

In their zeal to teach us affirmation and fair treatment, our well-meaning baby-boomer parents and teachers nurtured us on unfounded self-esteem, squelching our natural inclination to pursue a goal and spawning a generation that dismisses both success and failure.

Consequently, we have grown into young adults starving for something we can more than just take part in. We are hungry for purpose…

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6 Replies to “What The Millennial Generation Needs to Know About the Goal of Faith

  1. Bethany, this post was fabulous. You explained so well why Millennials believe what they do and choose what they choose. I so appreciate your suggestions for how the church can reach out to, encourage, and come alongside the Millennial generation to help them find authentic relationship with Jesus.


    1. Thank you, Jeanne! I’m so glad it was helpful. A litle nerve-wracking to speak “for a generation,” but I pray that you find these suggestions useful : )

  2. It’s so interesting how each generation (and person) tries to give what they perceive they lack. And so often we overcompensate. We swing so far in one direction that we create a new set of problems. It happens with every generation, and recognizing the need for balance and truth in each makes such a difference!

    1. Amen to that, Becky! I think we can trace throughout much of known history exactly that- perceived lacks leading overcompensating leading to a different perceived lack…and around and around. So thankful God’s Word is true and unchanging and relevant to EVERY generation.

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