Listening Through the Static

I drove past that familiar gnarled tree, and the yellow house I like. Approaching  that long stoplight, I slowed to a stop. It’s a road I know. A drive I make daily. I try to get near to the Lord on the trip. To help me tune in, I’ve usually got a CD and two preset Christian stations.

One station is based 78 miles away. It’s rare to hear anything but static. But that morning, I forgot a CD. The other station had commercials. So I tuned in anyway.

The scratchy noises and competing voices blaring through the speakers echoed in me. But a few words I knew came through-

I’ll stop living off of how I feel…”

“tatat, froo, Ohah, today’s stats, mrrr…” competing voices, again, blared in.

But I knew the rest of the words. I love those words. So I sang along anyway.

And start standing on Your truth revealed.

Isn’t that life? If you’re anything like me, your head is full of competing voices and songs. We’ve got static in the form of distractions, worries, to-do lists, conversations on replay. Life is crazy busy and our hearts have tons and tons to sort out. So much of our time is spent trying to piece it all together until something makes sense.

We live in static. We feel that we live in the midst of the chaos, lost in the noise. But we know the Word of truth.

We can live it and sing it through all that tries to drown out our hope and our peace.

Scripture encourages us:

Fix your eyes.” Listen, because:

his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger” (John 10:4-5.)

Sometimes, it’s better not to change the station in life for a clearer, more upbeat song. The static will always be there. The distractions will always beckon and call. We aren’t just to look to Christ when there is nothing else to see, or listen only when the others voices are hushed.

See through the mess, listen through the noise: He is here. His truth is clear. It does not change. Keep singing along.

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0 Replies to “Listening Through the Static

  1. Gotta love Mark Hall! It’s great that our God doesn’t wait until things are perfect. He meets us where our need is. Keep cranking out the blogs! #inspired

  2. I love this metaphor, and, like you, my heart’s prayer is that I would tune my frequency to the “channel” of truth in spite of all the interference that comes. Blessings!

  3. Bethany, good truth here. I confess, I am so easily distracted at times! Especially when I am busy or stressed. We need to be able to hear Jesus’ words, His quiet voice through the static. Isn’t it funny that we have to really strain when we’re listening to a static-y radio station? And, if we like what we’re hearing, we’ll do the extra work of listening through the static. Oh, that I will be that diligent to listen to Him through the static in my life.

  4. “See through the mess, listen through the noise: He is here.” Love this Bethany! Yes, with all of the constant distractions and noise it can be so hard to focus and listen – such a good reminder: to listen through the noise and see through the mess. Thank you!

  5. Your post reminds me of a Bible study by Jen Hatmaker that I did last year called Tune In. It focused on how we can make sure we’re hearing God’s voice. It also goes along with Experiencing God, which I’m doing now. We would love for you to link up this post with us at the Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup #LMMLinkup

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