Is It Worth It?

In Sunday School we’re learning about Gentiles in a Jewish Timeline –like, what God’s been doing in Gentiles throughout history. One of the first points made was one that I’m always glad to be reminded of.

God’s work in the Israelites displayed His power to the rest of the world. God always wanted the whole world to know Him and to come to Him. He still does.

I don’t think that necessarily made the Israelites happy while the seven plagues were tearing apart the world they knew. Imagine their response to some challenges being drawn out so that the Egyptians would witness God’s glory: “the Egyptians?? But this is about our story, our freedom!”

We know Jonah wasn’t all that thrilled with God’s love and concern for others. He especially wasn’t pleased with his own role in sharing God’s love (i.e. Ninevah). Were his trials worth it to share the Gospel with those undeserving people? Frankly, Jonah didn’t really think so. He wished he was dead. He was angry. His story wasn’t just about him.

That’s a natural part of our sin nature.

Like Jonah, we know that God is a:

gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love.”

-Jonah 4:2

When His grace and compassion on others (especially those we don’t value) is played out through us, our struggles hardly seem so worthwhile.

Our selfishness tells us that everything that happens in our own lives, good or bad, is to be about us in some way. When we take on trials of faith, the question we ask is “Lord, what are you doing?” What we mean is “Lord, what are you doing for me in this?”

We’re so egoistic that even in our humility, accepting difficulties with faith, the “purposes” we look for in the challenges must in some way be about God improving our own stories.

Poor health is acceptable if it teaches us dependency. Challenging job situations are from the Lord, we suppose, so that He can grow us in certain ways.

None of this is necessarily incorrect. God does use our trials to grow us and teach us about Him. The trouble is simply how “me-focused” we are even in our value judgments about the life of faith.

The truth is that our trials aren’t just about our own spiritual growth- they are about God’s power being displayed to others, too. Our situations might not be resolved in the way we’d prefer (see the Israelites again) because God is instead going to:

“show (His) power that (His) name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

 –Exodus 9:16

The Gospel isn’t just for you or I. Our stories, as a part of God’s story, aren’t written just for us.

The Bible characters we look to as examples knew this: their stories, messy and neat, were lived out for the glory of God –the glory of God that God wants everyone to witness.

Our challenges and our joys are gifts the Lord gives to us. But they are also gifts He uses to give others an opportunity to be drawn to Him. That –that eternal investment- is always worth it.

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the big picture, isn’t it? God’s grand plan is so much more than we can possibly imagine, but you are right – we often turn our thoughts inward and wonder what’s in it for us! Oh that prideful nature:( I’m thankful today for God’s patience and grace, and I’m also thankful to have found your lesson today on #intentionaltuesday! Your words blessed me this morning:)

  2. Going through trials is difficult. When we are acting out God’s Story with our lives it make it even harder because it is not for us alone but for others to see and glorify the Lord in the end when our testimony is perfected.
    Much Love Bethany from Nigeria

  3. I’m so glad you wrote this beautiful message. I was just thinking about Abraham’s story and how God used it to reveal so much about Himself. I love this:’The truth is that our trials aren’t just about our own spiritual growth- they are about God’s power being displayed to others, too” Amen! Thanks for using this space to glorify Him. I’m glad I stopped by. 🙂

  4. Ouch. You nailed me. I’ve definitely “endured” trials knowing God was using them for His glory and my good. But how limited my thinking is. When we are truly yielded to Him, then we aren’t looking at our circumstances, our trials with a “What’s in it for me” attitude. I love your encouragement to be the instruments that help His name be glorified and proclaimed. Period.

    Great post today!

  5. So true! The way we handle trials is one of the most incredible ways to witness to others. When we can walk through the fire with peace and hope, others will want to know how we do it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So true, Bethany. God always has greater purposes than what we can perceive. So thankful He’s sitting on the throne, and watching over me. ~ ((blessings))

  7. So true, Bethany, that our first thoughts are me-focused or even we-focused (within our family). But to think, like Jonah, our circumstances are to draw others to Him reminds me His ways are not mine, and that’s probably a very good thing. Thank you, friend, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday. : )

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