In Case You Thought There Wasn’t Enough

A massive crowd gathers and listens to lectures for hours. As the hour gets later and later, they begin to get hungry. You have just a small amount of food to offer.

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Would you organize them by neediest? By the most vulnerable, feeding children and the elderly first?

Maybe, because they should have brought food, you only reward those with valid excuses. Or you pause the lecture to comment “you, with the growling stomach, please leave and feed yourself.”

It’s likely you would prioritize your workers, giving them what little you have since they have important work to do with you.

Jesus, in the same situation, provided for everyone.

Unlike us, His storehouses are always full.

An unending supply is at His command. Not just when He roamed the earth, but today too. For all things have been put under His feet. He is all and in all.

When God says He is enough, He also means He has enough for each and every one of us. God never has to assess His inventory and decide between His children who to provide for that day.

The provisions He has are enough for everyone.

It’s a mind-blowing reality for us.

Just as His omniscience is incomprehensible, but demonstrated in Scripture and in the believer’s life, so is His sovereign provision.

If God chooses to, He can make food and drop it from heaven in desserts. When He wants to feed 4 thousand men (plus women and children!) God can multiply 7 loaves and 2 fish to fill them all and overflow their baskets with leftovers.

Where we see nothing, God sees abundance. When we see no way, He’s already cleared the way.

While we are calculating strategies to make it work and distribute according to our perceived needs, He is in the process of providing.

His provision doesn’t always look the way we think it will or should. But rest assured in this: God is not operating on a deficit or a tight budget. There’s no need to compare, to rank your needs in prayer, or to act as though there isn’t enough of Jesus to go around.

He’s got you covered. And He’s got every other child of His covered too.

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