Her Utmost for His Highest

Biography of the woman behind My Utmost for His Highest and other works

The greenish book seemed odd to me as I quickly paged through. “Thank you,” I murmured with confusion as the older woman patted my hand and said she’d be praying. I was off to the mission field, and she’d given me a copy of Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest.

She didn’t know it, but I wasn’t going for Jesus.

I didn’t know Jesus as my Savior. The little green book she gave me was cherished for sentiment. A first glance at the author’s focus on Christ and self-denial ensured I wouldn’t read it myself.

THEN- 3 short years later as a new believer My Utmost for His Highest became my favorite devotional. Another sweet woman gave me his complete works as a gift at my baptism. That time the words were both cherished and read.

God’s use of Oswald Chamber’s words in growing my faith has been profound.

In another example, when I was a new wife, I was seeking God’s will for my abilities and gifts. My plans seemed ever set aside so that we could pursue opportunities for my husband. Our heart was, (and still is,) to serve Him together. But I struggled to understand how God could use us opposites together.

THEN– I learned that the treasured words of Oswald Chambers were in fact recorded and compiled by his wife using her skills. Mrs. Oswald Chambers published his words after his death.

She spent years serving God beside her husband- only to go on serving God with her husband’s words for decades after he died. God used them together– even after Oswald went to heaven!

God’s work through Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Chambers is clearly outlined in Michelle Ule’s new biography: Mrs. Oswald Chambers.

The biography is written (mostly) in chronological order. While the focus is on Biddy, as Mrs. Chambers was called, many insights about Oswald are included. Everything from their first meeting to their love story to their final days together is recorded with clarity.

Ule was thorough in her research, piecing together facts and stories to create a singular account out of fragmented records. Inferences are noted, along with suggestions of what may fill in some blanks in the account. Stories about Biddy’s personality and dedication to giving her best for the Lord are peppered throughout.

The result is an easy-to-read, inspiring story about the woman behind classics like My Utmost for His Highest.

Peeks into the insights about Biddy offered in the biography include:

  • Humble but witty, Biddy once posted a sign for students: “Notice: ‘All service ranks the same with God.’ You are requested to kindly do your part in keeping this room tidy. If you do not, someone else will have to.”
  • “Biddy chose to look at events from God’s point of view in every situation of her life.”
  • “Biddy waited and prayed while Oswald mused in his diary about whether she missed him as much as he missed her.”
  • “Biddy’s ministry of interruptions continued, as valuable as ever.”


In keeping with the mission of both Oswald and Biddy Chambers, Ule ensures the focus of the biography is a testimony to God’s glory. The entire account reads as one story knit into the greater story of God. The true Author of the Chambers’ faith is credited over and over.

Biddy’s faithfulness is the sort I aspire to. As she and Oswald Chamber’s testimonies continue to impact my own, I highly recommend this biography to others. Their story of God’s love and steadfastness convicts, awes, and stirs to praise!

I pray that anyone who reads this biography is as convicted and encouraged in the Lord as I have been reading through the Chambers’ collaborative works.

<I was delighted to read a free copy of Mrs. Oswald Chambers provided by Baker Books in exchange for this honest review>

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4 Replies to “Her Utmost for His Highest

  1. That sounds like a wonderful read about a wonderful woman. I’ve not read that book although I’m also new to Christianity. Obviously the person who gave you the devotional before you were called to Jesus was part of God calling you to Him.

  2. I’m going to borderline gush right now, because:
    1. That image you created for the book (I’m assuming it’s you and your dog?) is glorious.
    2. When the opportunity to review this book appeared in my inbox, I almost fell over myself clicking YES. (Clearly you are in much better control of your reading life than I am right now . . .)
    It’s in my pile and I’m SO looking forward to reading more about this great woman behind the great man.

    1. Michele, I gush about Oswald Chambers related things!! (May have named a cat Oswald….)

      1. HA. I am not that talented. It was stock, but so beautiful! Thanks though!!
      2. Oh, I get it. I had all my reviews and posts through the new year scheduled and committed to not accepting any more. Then I clicked that email….saw that title….and hit yet multiple times just to be sure! Schedule worth rearranging!! Ha, so I’m probably not in better control than you are!! But I so look forward to your review and what you bring out of this fantastic book! Happy reading : )

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