God’s Good Gift of Friendship

I know God. He knows me. And He gives good gifts to us!

Do you ever feel like asking God for a friend is too small or silly a request?

I did, but I asked anyway. A few years ago, God answered with the girl who is still one of my best friends!

It’s a story I love to tell. I hope you’ll be encouraged that God cares about our little longings and relationships, too:

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7 Replies to “God’s Good Gift of Friendship

  1. This is great! The comment about poor taste in sweaters made me laugh out loud! How silly we can be and oh how we allow our differences to hinder us from what could be blessed friendship! I’m glad you got over the sweaters. This post was an encouragement to me, and it speaks to every woman! Thank you!

  2. Dear Bethany, what a sweet and tender story! I think the Lord gets a kick out of hooking us up with unexpected people. My three BFFs span twenty years in age, and are separated by more than a thousand miles. Although our face to face visits are few and far between, what joy and comfort it gives me to know they are still there, loving me and mine, and I love them and theirs. Praise God for your red-headed friend and revel in the gift she is!

    1. Wow Alice! How cool that your best friends are so different and far, but so close because God has given them to you! Praise the Lord for His delight in sharing His people with each other!

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