God Made Martha

book review of Made like Martha

“What’s a Martha?” my husband asked when he saw the title of the book.

“Martha from the Bible,” I replied, tapping the subtitle.

He read it out loud: “good news for the woman who gets things done.” Laughing, he said, “that’s you!”

Written by my friend Katie Reid, Made Like Martha addresses the faith of women who are doers. Click To Tweet

Tackling common misconceptions, Reid addresses the reasons Jesus corrected Martha when she grew frustrated with her sister for spending time with Jesus instead of helping her serve. At the same time, she highlights what Jesus didn’t correct.

Reid offers encouragement to those of us who, like Martha, tend to be ultra-responsible.

Chapters address topics like:

  • The worry and worship conflict

  • The hired help mentality

  • Possessing what’s already yours

  • The middle ground between striving and slowing

  • Living settled even when you’re busy

If you are made like Martha, that's good news!

The warm tone of the book lends itself to reading like a conversation with a friend. Reid’s many stories display grace without sidestepping the truth. She is also quotable.

Quotes from Made Like Martha include:

  • “There is a difference between turning from sin (which is a good idea!) and putting part of your heart behind bars (not a good idea).”

  • “This finality of salvation goes against my internal drive to do more.”

  • “Modern Marthas thrive on doing but struggle with receiving.”

  • “Spiritual rest is a not a location but a position, not condemnation but an invitation, not arriving but enjoying what and who is already mine.”

If you are a woman who likes to get things done and you ever feel guilty or wrong for struggling to receive and rest, this book is for you!

<I received a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest review>

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  1. Love this! This is the third blog I’ve read today on this book! Looks fantastic in a Martha-driven world!

  2. I keep hearing about this book! I must have a lot of online friends who see themselves as Marthas! I can definitely relate too and it sounds like a helpful read!

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