Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

book review for the spirit led heart by Suzie Eller

“The Holy Spirit isn’t an ‘it,’ but a person. You can say ‘He’.”

I don’t remember who told me that, or when. But someone did, and it sparked a Bible-quisition when I was a new Christian. The more I read about the Holy Spirit in Scripture, the more excited I was about the reality that He, a member of the trinity, is living in us and at work today.

He’s the helper Jesus promised, and that promise has been fulfilled!

Since my early excitement about the Holy Spirit, I’ve studied much about the Him. I’ve often been frustrated with the focus on giftings instead of on the Spirit himself, though.

Enter: Suzanne Eller. Her writing has blessed me often, so I was thrilled to learn about her new book: The Spirit-Led Heart.

Although Suzie and I disagree theologically about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the final chapter in this book sums up well why I recommend it: Suzie wants readers to know and love the Holy Spirit Himself instead of rushing right to the gifts.

In The Spirit-Led Heart, Eller talks about who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in the hearts that He indwells. Each chapter focuses on one trait of a Spirit-led heart.

For example, chapters highlight how a Spirit-led heart is…

  • Defined by Truth

  • Bold

  • Counseled

  • Marked by Conviction

Each chapter is structured around specific sections. The sections range from basic Bible study from Acts to invitations to walk in the Spirit through actions, beliefs, or choices.

Per her usual style, Eller shares personal stories warmly to offer illustrations of her subject matter. Likewise, she writes in a quotable, memorable fashion so that readers have plenty of wise takeaways.

Quotes from The Spirit-Led Heart include:

“Just because you believe a lie doesn’t make it true.”- Suzie Eller

“Freedom! That’s where truth leads us.” – Suzie Eller

“Direction isn’t about where we are; it’s who is on God’s heart as we go.”- Suzie Eller

“His voice will never contradict Scripture, for the Holy Spirit always leads us closer to God and his will.”- Suzie Eller

Readers who would like to learn more about the person of the Holy Spirit and His activity today will likely benefit from The Spirit-Led Heart. The book is much easier to read than a theology textbook, helps with application of lessons, and, overall, inspires greater worship of the third person of the Trinity.

As always, I would simply encourage readers to check the teaching against God’s own Word, as we all ought to do anyway!

<I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.>

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