Faith Fears and God’s Trustworthiness

What’s the scariest part of faith for you?

If you’re not sure, think of the Bible stories you know. Which parts lead you to panic and protest, reacting with “but you wouldn’t ask that of me, right God?!”

In different Bible studies and conversations with friends, I’ve head different responses to these sorts of questions. Some get squeamish when God calls people to face horrible consequences for their faith, like being thrown in a furnace or a lion’s den. Others are terrified of God’s penchant for long waits, looking on long seasons of infertility or lengthy ascensions to promised thrones with dread.


My cheeks get hot when I read about telling Abraham to “go,” and not saying where.

I start fidgeting when the Israelites cross the Red Sea and wander in the desert (though I also feel a little jealous that they literally had a pillar from God leading the way!)

When the disciples give up everything to follow Jesus around without a clear destination, my pulse quickens.

The scariest part of faith, to me, is stepping into the unknown.

You won’t find me tolerating suspense for long without hardship, even in fictional things like movies or books.

The idea of God writing my story instead of playing a leading character in a story I’ve got a solid outline for already isn’t easy. Yet Jesus is the author of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).

The idea of God writing my story instead of playing a leading character in a story I’ve got a solid outline for already isn’t easy. Yet Jesus is the author of our faith. I love this book about trusting God with our stories! Click To Tweet

You Can Trust God to Write Your Story by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Robert Wolgemuth is an encouraging read for people like me who sometimes wish they could skim through the upcoming pages in life. A blend of personal stories, Bible stories, and their own story, the authors weave together many examples of God’s faithfulness.

Most chapters offer stories showcasing God’s loving involvement through plot twists none of us wish for. For instance, there are chapters entitled: “You Can Trust God When You’re Pressed Financially” and “You Can Trust God When You Lose a Loved One.” Other chapters focus a little more on stories of God accomplishing His good, perfect purposes, like of God redeeming, sending, and surprising people.

I thought the authors set the pace and tone well considering how heavy, but beautiful, many of the topics are. Some of the stories also don’t have neat, tidy endings because they are real- but they still highlight God’s care and presence.

Throughout the book, insight and reflections help frame the stories in light of eternity and God’s character. These calls to praise and nuggets of wisdom include:

“Who could have brought about this turn of events? Who but our great, redeeming God, who had orchestrated the whole string of circumstances from start to finish.”

“God’s story is about far more than just giving us an uneventful joyride to heaven. It is about His kingdom and His will being done on earth- in us!- as it is in heaven. It is about preparing and fitting us for eternity.”

Whatever the scariest part of faith is for you, I hope you’ll also find this book a great help for “taking heart” and surrendering to God who is absolutely trustworthy!

<I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.>

You can find information here about You Can Trust God to Write Your Story (or links to grab a copy for yourself).


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6 Replies to “Faith Fears and God’s Trustworthiness

  1. The bible stories that cause me the most panic is when God calls someone to be a prophet. Run, I think. Run and don’t stop. Because no one liked them. They were called to do hard things and weird things (like lying on your side naked for almost a year). Sounds like a good book. I do want God in my story. I want to trust him with my life.

    1. Oh yes, being called to be a prophet is high up on the “no thanks, God!” List! I’m glad they didn’t run, though! I hope you enjoy the book too if you get a chance to read it!

  2. I also fear stepping into the unknown, but for me, I believe the biggest fear is for God to ask me to do something I cannot do. I do want to trust God, to trust Him with my life and my spirit. Thank you for a very thought provoking post.

    1. That is a hard fear, too! Grateful we can trust Him to provide enough grace when He asks to do things we can’t. Gideon’s is probably one of my favorite stories on this type of fear! Hope you enjoy the book if you get to read it!

  3. Bethany, this sounds like a faith-stretching book. You got me thinking about the Bible stories, and I think the character’s story that evokes my fear most is Jeremiah’s. Not the prophesying, but the rejection he faced time after time and the continued persecution. But, as you shared, God walks with us through every situation we face. We just need to trust His faithfulness and goodness through it all.

    1. It was a faith-stretching book, but also very encouraging! I hear you on Jeremiah’s story. Reading through Lamentations especially makes me thankful that God has not asked me to face such immense persecution and rejection over and over. So much devastation, but what a testimony to God’s personal involvement and care for Jeremiah too. Yes, He is faithful!

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