Exceeding Limits

Review of the excellent Bible study He is Enough

“Well that’s enough of that,” I’d smile and say to the sweet toddler I was watching after he guzzled a glass of apple juice but reached for more. I say the same words to myself when I’ve gotten lost in a good book but need to get the dishes done.

“Enough,” in my vocabulary, usually means “hit the limit.”

When it comes to faith, “enough” is thus a tricky concept. I can’t ever seem to find a limit for Jesus. Every time I think I have, He exceeds it.

  • I think I’ve really gone and done it this time; His mercy is enough.
  • I’m weaker than I’ve ever been; His grace is enough.
  • I’m too lonely and too grumpy; His friendship is enough.
  • I’m deliriously happy and can’t see anything better; His generosity is enough.
  • I’m awed by His answer to silly prayers; His kindness is enough.

The list goes on and on.

He is Enough, by Asheritah Ciuciu, is a Bible study amplifying the truth that Jesus truly is sufficient for us.

Based in Colossians, the study magnifies what God’s Word says in a way that leads to praise. It’s hard not to trust Christ more as you work through this study, floored by His character.

Ciuciu balances thoughtful study with worshipful practicality well.

For example:

  • She begins with the historical background to give context, but it isn’t intimidating for those unfamiliar with traditional Bible study.
  • Tips and tools throughout the study help those new to Bible study or those wanting to dig deeper to do so.
  • The study is set up to be done 5 days a week for 6 weeks. It features a short “snack” study for the days you don’t have enough time and when you have the time, a “feast” study that is more in depth.
  • The “feast” sections teach you to make observations, note what stands out, and apply what you read in Colossians.
  • You can complete this study alone, with a friend, or in a group
  • Her focus is on Jesus and is both reverent and relatable.
  • Topics aren’t superficial or “dumbed-down,” but are very accessible.
  • You’re encouraged to apply the Word in the moment. For example, Ciuciu asks “Who is someone you can pray this passage for today? Rewrite the verse in your own words…inserting your friend’s name…”

He is Enough quote Bible study

A unique aspect of Ciuciu’s writing is that most of it guides you through your own study of the Word.

She writes very little of her own experience and observation, instead relying on questions and prompts to let the Spirit teach you Himself. What she does write upbuilds, though.

Examples of quotes include:

  • “We cannot change on our own, but the Spirit of Jesus is more than sufficient to transform us.”
  • “United with Him, we are complete, and that reality leads to a thriving life both here and now and in the age to come.”
  • “You’ve been brought to fullness in Christ. There is no other ‘if only’ that will fulfill you.”
  • “True humility is rooted in our awareness of God’s greatness and our desperate neediness.”

I’d highly recommend He is Enough to anyone who loves the Lord. It will increase your love for Him, your awe of Him, and your gratitude to Him. 

Praise the Lord. He is enough!

<I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.>

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