Encouragement from Hebrews 11

God’s Big Enough for Our Little Faith

I love when God weaves together what you’re reading with what is going on in your life. Recently, my guy and I were talking about taking small steps of faith. I’d been reading about Abraham and we’re in a season of stepping into the unknown.

What a joy that night to begin the next chapter in the Bible Study I’d been reading…

In Little Faith, Big God, Debbie Wilson offers insights into the lives of the “heroes of the faith” listed in Hebrews 11, including two weeks of study on Abraham. The first week of the Abraham study looked at what it means to be called God’s friend. Everything from Abraham’s first faithful step into the unknown to living in tents all his days is covered.

Interwoven with Bible reading, thought-provoking questions, and reflections on the characters studied, Wilson also included pieces of her own experiences growing in faith. Reading about Wilson’s season of stepping into the unknown by faith, alongside Abraham’s story and many helpful Bible passages, encouraged me greatly!

Throughout the study, I appreciated how Wilson connected the things Abraham and other heroes of the faith faced to common challenges and questions we face today. Ultimately, in every story shared in this study, Wilson gives reason to hope and praise God as we grow in our faith. (Thus the apt title of the study!)

Some quotes I appreciated from the study include:

“Faith journeys often include small beginnings with unknown endings.”

“People of faith are people of hope because we have a personal Creator who has revealed himself to us and seeks a personal relationship with us.”

“Faith is only as reliable as its object.”

“We weren’t saved by grace through faith to be approved by works.”

“We worship because God is worthy, not to prove our worth.”

If you’re looking for a great study to complete independently or to work through in a group, I recommend this study.

((As Wilson doesn’t tend to use illustrations or language specific to women/moms/wives, I found this study engaging for mixed-gender Bible study groups as well!))


You can learn more about Little Faith, Big God by Debbie Wilson on sites like Goodreads, or grab a copy through retailers like Amazon.


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6 Replies to “Encouragement from Hebrews 11

  1. This sounds like a great study, Bethany! And I love those times when you read something and it ties in perfectly with what’s happening in your life at that time!

  2. I don’t think it’s a coincidence when you read something at just the right time that gives you insight about what is going on in your life. God sends us what we need!

  3. The bit about unknown endings is resonating loudly with me this morning, Bethany. Abraham’s journey of faith is a great one to remember these days, for sure. Hugs, friend!

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